5 Reasons To Use A POS System In Your Car Wash

5 Reasons To Use A POS System In Your Car Wash

The car wash and auto detailing industry has been climbing over the past five years. It has grown about 4% in this time. With the rise of flex and express car washes, POS systems are becoming higher-tech and more automated. A reliable POS system will help grow your car wash in many ways. Luckily for you as a car wash owner, a number of new marketing tactics that integrate with POS systems have started bridging the gap between car wash technology and marketing.

1. A POS System Integrates Sales and Marketing

A POS will tie in with your marketing platform and you can trace every new customer back to the source. What is more, you can keep learning about your new customers if you can track down to the consumer level, including demographic and social information. You can use this info further to create audiences in other platforms including social, additional direct targeting and even SMS.

POS systems are much more than cash registers that register payments and process transactions. A modern POS system is a crucial tool that can increase loyalty, speed up operations, streamline labor, define the customer experience, and manage inventory. It’s therefore no surprise that the average modern POS system offers so many features.

The list is endless even for just car washes. You have mobile POS, employee time clock, fingerprint login, customer databases, management, and many other great features to have. Your choice of a POS system for your car wash will depend on your exact needs. Marketing apps should be at focus.

Before you commit to purchasing a POS, ask yourself what features you really need. Which functionality is best for your wash? Make a list of your needs and choose a system accordingly. You will save time and money not only on a daily basis, but also in the development phase, during staff training and more, because too many options at the POS might keep your employees from managing their routine tasks.

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2. POS Integration Brings New Clients In

Making a strong first impression is critical – no one could argue against something as obvious as this. Some car washes have made the wise marketing move of offering a complimentary “Manager’s Special” wash to new clients. This one-time gesture increases the likelihood the new customers will sign up for a wash club and become loyal and returning, igniting the power of reciprocity. Your wash can leverage an integrated marketing system directly linked to the POS.

POS integration programs apply one-time use free wash codes are print them on direct mail pieces that are sent out to people who have just moved into the neighborhood. These codes are connected and traced backed to the user.

3. POS System Will Find the Right Customers for you

Not all of your clients will become unlimited car wash consumers. You have customers who are deal driven and will never become loyal. You also have people who are loyal, but not to you – they are loyal to other car washes. Always focus on a consumer group that has high loyalty potential. This will give you the best chance of gaining a new monthly subscription.

Customers going through a life change are much more open to creating new consumer habits and inevitably more open to connecting with your wash. New families moving into the neighborhood are a great target audience for car wash growth, too.

A new POS system is a big commitment, and high-value ones can be particularly costly. You need to make sure it will pay off. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest system. Investigate the Return on Investment (ROI) you could achieve. There are several aspects to consider when analyzing the impact of the new technology on your bottom line, including:

  • Time wasted in data alignment
  • Loyalty
  • Time spent in staff training
  • Reduced waste

If you have high staff turnover, getting an intuitive POS system makes training new employees easily and fast and will bring about great savings as a result.

A system that supports loyalty program implementation and enables you to send registered customers targeted campaigns and offers can help you increase repeat visits.

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Does the new system include inventory management tools? You can save a lot of money by using what you have efficiently.

Finally, what do we mean by data alignment? If you use one system for vendors, another to manage sales, a third for inventory, and a fourth for staff rosters, you will end up spending a lot of your time trying to make sense of your numbers.

A simple POS that integrates all of these functions into one single platform and data source helps you get more insight from your data and simplifies your accounting, saving you a lot of stress and time in the process.

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4. POS Helps you Remarket

There are many ways to attract new customers – SMS, email, signs, social media, direct mail, and other means. However, it happens all too often that after they go through your wash, the conversation ends. After they redeem a code at the pay station, trace the info and send them a “thank you” card that encourages them to stay connected, reminding them about the benefits of the unlimited wash club and encouraging them to join.

Great business is all about speed and quality. Ask yourself the following questions if you’re wondering whether the customer will return:

  • Is the interface intuitive, and can it be customized to each staff member’s role?
  • Can the POS easily accept different types of payments?
  • What features does it have that help speed up the service?
  • What happens if the internet connection goes down?
  • What’s the average time per transaction?

5. POS Tracks Marketing Expenses

Finally, a good POS system will track your car wash’s marketing expenses and help you learn from your data. Car wash operators get regular reports through POS integration. This way, they are able to identify the number of new clients that have used their services, specific demographics of those people and exactly who they are, including their names and addresses.

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