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How to Survive Your DMV License Renewal: 5 Must-Know Tips

In the blink of an eye, you can easily go from a quick appointment to spending your entire day at the DMV. No matter where you live, the crowded lobby and frustrating wait times can […]

Thank You for Your Service: How to Thank a Veteran the Right Way

Even if you don’t think you know a veteran, you most likely do. You might have one in your family or you’ve at least seen one or two of them out in your community. Whenever […]

Forget the Apple . . . What’s the Best Laptop for Teachers?

Being a teacher can be a difficult and stressful job. Using outdated and inefficient technology won’t only make your work more frustrating, it’s also going to make it harder for you to effectively teach your […]

Party Ideas for the Perfect COVID Shindig!

You’ve probably read somewhere that the world is experiencing a “new normal”. COVID has truly changed how we celebrate gatherings with the people dearest to us. If you want to figure out how to have a party […]

4 Essential Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

Unfortunately, there are approximately 6 million car accidents per year within the United States. While these occur for a multitude of reasons, many are due to inclement weather conditions while driving. Snowy conditions are some […]

Spooky, Scary: 4 Amazing Halloween Decoration Ideas

Fall is here and that means Halloween is right around the corner! As you begin to take down your summer decor and the leaves begin to fall, you’ll need to start thinking of some awesome […]

5 Steps for Planning a Funeral Service

The cost of a funeral service varies but averages more than $7,500. When a loved one passes, prices aren’t the first thing on your mind. Yet cost is an essential factor in ensuring your loved […]

Throwing the Perfect ‘80s Themed Party

Here’s how to throw the perfect 80s themed party. The 1980s were truly a great time for many people. Many people believe that the ‘80s were the last decade that distinctly had their own identity, and […]

What Car Should I Get as My First Car?

The 2019 car sales in the U.S. indicate that they aren’t slowing down, even after having suffered a 1.6% decline from the 2018 numbers. The total sales for domestic light-duty vehicles amounted to 17.1 million […]

The Quad: The Ideal Vehicle Choice for Rough Roads

The Quad Riding To Master The quad riding to master, If you want a powerhouse that is at home in any conditions, look no further than the quad bike; 500 – 1200cc, with exceptional suspension […]