The Quad: The Ideal Vehicle Choice for Rough Roads

The Quad: The Ideal Vehicle Choice for Rough Roads

The Quad Riding To Master

The quad riding to master, If you want a powerhouse that is at home in any conditions, look no further than the quad bike; 500 – 1200cc, with exceptional suspension and heaps of raw power to get you out of any trouble. The quad also has the gearing and torque to take you over large boulders, if you are a skilled rider, that is. When thinking reputable shops like Quadbikes R Us, UK buyers inevitably choose the leading suppliers of new and used machines, with something for the novice and the expert who’s looking for something a bit special. While it is so nice to drive a hi-end sports car on a smooth tarmac highway, taking on a rough and bumpy road is also a challenge, and if you are thinking of doing some off-road driving, your choice of vehicle is critical. Of course, we must be looking 4WD, due to the terrain and having traction on all 4 shoes gives you some form of stability, so that let’s any twin wheel drive vehicle off the hook.

Adjustable Ride

If you buy a sports quad, you can adjust the shocks individually, and whether you plan a fast forest run, or a tricky steep hill crawl, your quad can be set up accordingly. If you’re new to quad riding, start with a second-hand 500cc quad bike, and within a few months, you’ll be ready to upgrade to a 1,000cc beast that is designed for extreme riding.

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Quad Parks

Such is the popularity of quad riding, there are courses and parks all over the UK, and they have quads to rent. Visiting a few of the better venues will sharpen your skill sets, and most venues have several levels of difficulty with their trails.

Aspects of Quad Riding to Master

Here are some of the basics you will need to master:

  • Weight Distribution – The rider uses his or her weight when turning, climbing or going down.
  • Feet Placement – It is essential to have good grip and solid feet when riding a quad.
  • Braking – Combined use of front and back brakes for smooth operation.
  • Hazard Awareness – Quad riding to master involves looking ahead, watching for bumps, hollows or obstacles. The good rider always knows the line to take as they approach and is therefore on the right line.

Sourcing a Quad

If you are a novice who has ridden a couple of rented machines and is now completely hooked, you are advised to pay a visit to a premier quad dealer, who can be found online, and plan to spend the day looking at new and used machines, trying a few out, and with the dealer’s expertise, you will make the right choice. The dealer offers low-interest finance and all the support you need, plus you can always buy add-ons online, and as you gain more experience, there will come a day when you have outgrown your machine and wish to upgrade to something more powerful.

Now is the time to get into quad riding, as the good weather has arrived, and with a decent quad, you can explore the natural beauty of the country.

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