Differences between a Brand Design Agency and Creative Agency

Differences between a Brand Design Agency and Creative Agency

Whether you’re a small or medium business owner, a B2B company, an eCommerce store, or any other type of business, you have probably wondered whether to hire a brand design agency or a creative agency? No matter what kind of business you have, you’ll need a logo, website, and marketing campaigns (including social media) to gain attention and increase sales. How important is it to choose the right type of agency?

It is important because creative agencies work differently from a brand design agency in Sydney.

Here is a comparison between a brand design agency and a creative agency so you can decide which suits your needs the best.

What is a brand design agency?

A brand design agency provides a wide range of marketing consulting services that include creative, strategic, and technical information about marketing products and services. The services they provide include:

  • Creates apps to let your business interact with your customers.
  • An effective SEM strategy that will put you on the digital map.
  • A powerful search engine optimization strategy for your online content. This will add value to your customers through organic searches.
  • A successful social media marketing plan to build your customer base and generate leads and sales.
  • Creating content – be it text, images, videos, and other forms of content – to build a stronger brand.
  • Improving online lead generation to attract new clients.
  • Building a strong brand presence in the market.
  • Designing user friendly and functional websites.
  • Organising media campaigns to build your brand and sell your product.
  • Video and email marketing to ensure that your emails stand out.
  • Mobile campaigns to spread the word about your brand.
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What is a creative agency?

A creative agency creates content and visual elements of your brand.

The services provided by creative agencies include:

  • Creating and designing logos that are the visual representation of your brand.
  • Helping you decide the colour palettes and colour schemes that match your brand and brand values. The colour schemes are used throughout your brand, be it your website, your products, your social media handles and other digital presence.
  • Designing banners to catch the attention of potential customers and leads.
  • Take care of copywriting, i.e., creating credible content for marketing and sales.
  • Designing email newsletters that are convincing enough for the recipient to respond.
  • Preparing infographics to share data and information in an easily understandable format.
  • Innovatively designing packaging to connect with the audience.
  • Creating engaging videos that connect with the viewers.
  • Producing TV Ads to quickly capture the attention of new consumers. TV ads are considered to be more effective because of the reach, impact and popularity of the common man.

A brand design agency and a creative agency are two different entities, and you may need the efforts of both for different purposes. For example, a creative agency might be better when it comes to creative decisions like designing a logo. On the other hand, a brand design agency would be the right team for social media marketing or SEO campaigns. In certain cases, both entities offer services that sound similar. To decide which services will be done by whom, take a look at their expertise and resources available for each and choose wisely.

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