TC Mods: Getting Great Vaping Experience

TC Mods: Getting Great Vaping Experience

The mouth of the vapes feels the influence of many factors such as smoke oil, atomizer and battery, which creates its instability. In order to solve this problem, we have considered many aspects to try to control the vapes to maintain a relatively stable atomization state. From adjustable voltage to adjustable electric power, the vapes control module has undergone several stages of development. Nowadays, with the birth of the temperature control mode, the vapes market is facing a reshuffle, and the temperature control era is coming.

How to Control The Temperature?

Before the appearance of temperature control technology, if the power button of the host is pressed, the chip will continue to output according to the currently set output power. The chip will stop supplying power only when the power switch is released or the working protection limit of the host is reached. During this process, the chip is continuously output at the current power, and the atomizer coil temperature is gradually increased. One of the links in the RBA atomizer is “burning”. Press and hold the power button to let the coil burn the red surface to form an oxide layer to avoid partial short circuit. This is a typical example of power output, as long as the power is supplied, the coil will continue to heat up or even blow.Recently, there is new product fromvapeciga. The product site: is shaped in a compact size and light weight with sleek corners and exquisite appearance.What’s more,the OLED screen gets the real-time operating state clearly.

The temperature control mode allows the user to set the temperature, for example, 220 ° C. After the coil reaches the resistance corresponding to the set temperature, the chip will reduce the output power to prevent the resistance from continuing to rise, that is, the temperature continues to rise. The chip adjusts the output power through a series of boost and buck, and maintains the resistance change of the coil at the set temperature. For example, the initial resistance of the coil is 0.1 Ω. The TCR coefficient corresponding to the material at 200 ° C is 1.3, and the temperature set by the user at the host is 200 ° C. Then, when the user presses the power switch, the chip detects the resistance change of the coil. When it reaches 0.13 Ω, the chip will judge that the coil reaches 200 ° C. By reducing the output, the resistance of the coil is neither higher nor lower than 0.13 Ω. This is the output characteristic of temperature control. Just like driving a car, let the car always keep moving at a constant speed of 80. When the car is above 80, it will close the throttle. If it is lower than 80, it will increase the throttle.

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What Is The TCR and Resistance Correction?

TCR is the Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), which is the relative change in resistance when the temperature changes by 1 degree. In the foregoing, the popular version has been roughly explained. In the vapes, the corresponding temperature is converted according to the change of the resistance value of the metal to complete the so-called “temperature control”, which is finally realized according to the resistance change of the coil.

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“Resistance correction” means that some chips allow the user to fine tune the detected coil resistance. Through the above, we should be able to understand that “temperature control” is actually based on the change of the resistance of the coil, so the accuracy of the resistance is crucial. If the initial resistance detected by the chip is not accurate, the temperature calculated according to the TCR will not be accurate. If the base is wrong, the whole calculation is wrong. So the resistance correction allows the user to fine-tune the resistor to “more accurate”.

At present, there are many hosts that allow the user to set the TCR value. Usually, the coefficient of resistance change at various temperatures, such as 100, 200, and 300 °C, is set to allow the chip to convert the TCR value of the current coil and output it according to this.

The DNA200 and DNA75 chips can also be used to download TCR preset values of different materials through the computer software, or let the user generate the TCR value of the current coil through the material of the coil, the production data, the number of coils, etc., for those who like to explore the temperature control effect of different materials. People are more convenient and practical.

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As a unique branch, the temperature control function of the vapes is quite different from the style of the voltage regulating output. E-cigarettes should have tried to make users use the products conveniently, simply and safely, and enjoy the fun of vape. However, e-cigarettes have been artificially imposed with a lot of content that should not be borne, “complicating the simple things.” . I hope that the future e-cigarette products will become more and more simple and easier to use. Don’t leave more and more “why” to users. Just like a camera, there are also automatic modes for high-end machines. Even ordinary users can take good photos.

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