Inspirational People Using Swedish Snus

Inspirational People Using Swedish Snus

Several football players have turned to the use of the Swedish snus in a bid to boost mental sharpness and performance. Snus is smokeless tobacco usually placed behind the upper lip in teabag-like pouches. It releases cleaner nicotine than regular cigarettes hence, reducing smoking habits among users and tobacco mortality. Also, snus is prepared through a pasteurization process that eliminates the chemical compounds (TSNAs) believed to cause cancer. TSNAs is a short form for tobacco-specific nitrosamines, the primary carcinogens found in tobacco, and they are thought to cause cancer of the oral cavity, liver, lungs, and liver. However, with the Swedish snus, the tobacco is refrigerated after production thus, reducing the amount of TSNAs present. The Swedish snus is usually packaged in pouches and placed in tins. Tin has 18 bags each of which has 27.3 mg of nicotine. The belief that it is a safe way of taking tobacco has caused an increase in the number of players and inspirational people using it. They include the following.

Ashley Cole

The former Arsenal, England and Chelsea star was spotted using snus while relaxing outside a health bar in the company of Sharon Canu, his Italian girlfriend. Cole was taking a protein shake when he was seen placing a snus pouch beneath the upper lip. However, it is not clear whether he was using the Swedish tobacco to boost performance during exercise or as an alternative to smoking.

Jamie Vardy

This professional footballer who plays as a striker for the England national team and the Premier League club was spotted carrying the product during the UEFA 2016 championship in France. It is not clear which flavor he was using as it comes in a range of formats. SnusDirect, for example, sells a wide array of brands and varieties of the Swedish snus. Varieties include an extra strong, white, mini, long portion, and strong formats. Jamie later admitted to using snus in his 2016 biography, citing that he is not used to doing everything by the book. Jamie confessed that he began using the product when he joined Leicester and that it helped him relax.

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Danny Higginbotham

This ex-Southampton and Stoke star denied using the product to boost his performance. However, reports cite that he has used the pouches for 15 years to help him relax.

Many footballers use the product; in fact, some carry the pouches to matches. Snus is more popular in Sweden as it is made and sold here. Experts claim that it was introduced to British footballers by Scandinavian players.

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