Chicago home floods what to do?

Chicago home floods what to do?

Floods can be devasting as they cause damage to both life and property. You might be worried about your house, about the bills, and it might be heart-breaking to see all those things destroyed in front of you which carried a sentimental value for you. At such a time you must keep yourself calm and do not panic. It is alright if you are devasted and feel sad as such situation carter such emotions. Just let out everything that is going inside you. Everything will be alright. This blog talks about the steps you must take once the flood has occurred to restore your placei.e Chicago Home Floods

1) Removing the water from the place

It is essential to remove the water from the premises and standing water can be a threat to your property. It can cause more damage. Do not try to remove water manually with the help of buckets as it can be physically tiring and at the same time consume a lot of time. Your efforts may go in vain.

You should remove the water with the help of a sump pump or a wet vacuum to remove it. The faster the water is removed more quickly you can move ahead. In case you do not have such devices call a water and flood clean-up company as they can help you remove the water and can carry the operation much faster as they are experienced in the field.

2) Take all the necessary precautions

Floods can impact your health as well. You cannot roam around your house in normal clothes to switch off these lights. You must wear long boots, gloves, face shield to keep yourself protected all the time. This will also protect you from the contaminants present in the water.

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Flood water is contaminated with debris, chemicals, sewage, garbage and much more. You can get yourself infected. Many chemicals are also mixed in this water and you may not even notice them or see them with your eyes.

These substances can cause you skin infection and may even cause breathing problem if you inhale any poisonous bacteria or microorganism. Wait for a water and flood clean-up service to arrive your premises if you cannot take all the precautions.

3) Identifying and Stopping the source

The water might be coming from some source. If possible, identify the source from where water is coming. If the water is coming out from some pipe, then you can close the main pipeline.

If it due to a storm or flood you can confirm with your natural disaster board about the help. They can open all the blocked drains in the area. You can even hire a professional water and flood clean-up company as they can evacuate the premises and drain the place out.

4) Informing the Insurance Company

As soon as you find the situation is under control call your insurance company and explain to them about the calamity. They will explain the process further. Listen to them carefully as you will need to follow the further steps explained by them.

You also need to record everything on the premises and capture picture as they will act as a source of proof about the damage occurred. This will also help in identifying the type of claim you can be offered.

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The company may be even sent someone to see the premises and identify the damage. You can also hire a water and flood clean-up company as they have men who can talk to your adjuster about the claim process and even complete your paperwork for you. This ensures everything is done correctly.

Last few words!!

In the matter of any calamities, your safety should be your priority and you do not want to get yourself hurt. Do not do anything that may cause harm to you. Just wait for the technical assistant until it arrives. If possible, hire a professional water and flood clean-up company that can assist you throughout the process and thus reduces your burden significantly.

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