How to Stay Cool at Night in the Summer

How to Stay Cool at Night in the Summer

Summer nights can be uncomfortable when those warm fronts come in. The average U.S. temperature for July was 75.7 degrees Fahrenheit and 74.7 degrees for August 2020. Both month’s temperatures are above the 20th-century average. The night temperatures weren’t much better—the average minimum nighttime temperature was 62.9 degrees. Warm nighttime weather will significantly affect the quality of sleep. The body looks for a drop in temperature when it’s time to sleep (a symptom of our early ancestors sleeping in caves at night), so finding ways to stay cool at night will improve sleep. There are several ways to stay cool and ensure a good sleep at night during the summer.

Wear Loose Cotton Clothing

The body’s natural reaction to warm temperature is to sweat. So to cool off your body, the sweat needs to evaporate. Wearing fabrics that can let airflow over your skin is essential.

Cotton is a natural fiber that lets air move freely and circulate in the fabric. Cotton is a breathable material and doesn’t trap heat like some other pajama materials. Cotton also absorbs moisture and enables you to cool down faster. Be sure your clothing is loose, as tight pajamas can make the body feel hotter.

Use Cold and Warm Water

During exercise or warm temperatures, sweat will often surpass water intake, resulting in a deficiency of water and electrolytes. The lack of water in your body can increase heat storage and decrease the quality of your sleep. It’s necessary to drink cold water to bring down your body temperature and soothe inflammation in the body. A cold compress/washcloth can also be soothing and help the body cool down.

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While it seems like a cold shower would be best, a warm shower is actually better. The body temperature rises in the warm shower then you experience a more drastic temperature drop once you step out of the shower. Doctors recommend 5 to 10 minutes of lukewarm water showers. If you are suffering from insomnia experts, suggest showering for 90 minutes before sleeping.

Cooling Materials for Sleep

Using breathable fabric is often the best way to keep the body relaxed and cool during summer. Fabric construction greatly impacts breathability. For example, fabrics that have open knits or looser weaves are more breathable and cool to use. That’s why it’s necessary to choose suitable materials for mattresses to keep you cool and comfortable while you are sleeping.

There are many mattresses, pillows, and sheet materials available that help cool the body during the night. Cotton is usually the best fabric for hot summer weather because they are soft, light, and breathable. Modern mattresses, like Nolah, are made from materials such as an AirFoam™ and AirFoamICE™️ to help keep you cool at night. You can compare Nolah mattresses and see which one is the best fit for you.

Cool Your Space

It is very tempting to turn on your air conditioner during hot summer nights. But there are other more practical ways to keep cool in summer. Instead of using an air conditioner, use an electric fan that helps circulate air. But be sure to avoid placing the fan directly at you—this can be harmful to your skin and nasal passages.

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Fans are more economical to use and do not increase your electrical bills. If you are going to use your air conditioner, make sure it is clean and well maintained. A dirty air conditioner has a lower cooling efficiency and consumes more electricity.

Close your windows and doors during the day to keep the warm air from coming in and open them at night to create a crosswind to cool your room. Around 30 percent of heat comes from your windows, so keep your blinds closed during the day so sunlight doesn’t increase the room’s temperature. Electronic appliances also produce heat, so make sure to unplug and turn off any not in use.

Eat and Drink an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Diet plays an essential role in the regulation of body temperature. Don’t eat too close to bedtime because this can disrupt sleep. Eating can cause the body to be warmer as it works to digest food.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can also help reduce body temperature. Avoid drinking alcohol because it can cause inflammation in the body and can increase body temperature. Eat anti-inflammatory food such as nuts, fatty fish, tomatoes, and fruits like cherries, oranges, and strawberries.

Enjoy Your Summer Sleep

Staying cool at night is essential so you can have a good sleep and a restful night. Summer days are often long and filled with countless activities. Make sure you get the best sleep possible to recharge for more fun in the sun.

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