Four Types of Pest Control Services

Four Types of Pest Control Services

Pest outbreaks are a major problem within most homes and places. These are unwanted creatures that interfere in human life and cause problems. They may bite, destroy crops, damage real estate, and much more. In short, they make human lives difficult. To get rid of these pests, people get the help of pest control services from various companies. However, a lot of individuals are unaware of the different types of pest control services. There are many pest problems, and in the same manner, there are many pest control services as well. To show a clear picture, the following is a list of four types of pest control services. Continue reading to discover more.

  1. Pest Extermination

If someone is going through any pest problem, be it any pests such as ants, cockroaches, earwigs, or any other kind of insect, they must take care of the situation quickly.

For existing infestations, it commonly happens that people go for extermination services. Extermination services can be done in various forms, such as insecticide sprays, insect ambushes, or in severe circumstances, tenting and fumigation of the entire household.

These treatments function promptly and kill off most of the pests and make the environment pest free. However, some people may be worried about the chemicals in the home. Those who are, can opt for green sprays that contain fewer chemicals. Many pest control companies can use “green” sprays that contain less chemical compounds. They just have to ask their service providers before hiring them to use green sprays instead of the higher chemical ones.

  1. Pest Removal
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All types of pests can’t be eliminated by merely using sprays because they are not only insects. There are a lot of critters that make their homes in the corners of the cabinets and crannies.

Raccoons, snakes, and even possums can be found in the corners of the house. To solve and control such pest problems, people need to hire pest removal services.

What happens is that an expert comes to the affected place, relocates these larger pests, and makes the home pest-free. Sometimes, it may take a few days to catch critters, so they might need to make a few visits. However, the experts do find out the solution in a short period and perform their pest control services professionally.

  1. Pest Prevention

The very first prevention that everyone should do is take control of crooks or cracks so that no pests can enter the home. Prevention means carrying out regular treatments at home to avoid entry of pests. These traditional treatments include repelling pests and cutting off common entrance points into the house.

Doing so will keep the pests away from the homes. Other than that, regular sprays also work. People can use repellents to get rid of these pests. However, for larger pests, one must look for the access points and close them. Pest control service providers also offer these protection services. People can avail them as well.

  1. Use Pheromones

Pheromones are the chemicals that are produced naturally by insects. They use this chemical to communicate with each other. If a lot of food is present somewhere, insects secrete this chemical to let other insects know and collect the food. When in danger, these insects use the same technique.

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The pest control service provider may confuse insects by spraying off greater amounts of pheromones and alerting them that this home is dangerous for them. In this way, pests stay away from the home and keep the environment clean.

The best method is to make use of pheromones with pheromone traps. These attract pests to a particular area, and then the exterminator can kill or remove them.

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