Useful Marketing Tricks for Your Vape Store

Useful Marketing Tricks for Your Vape Store

Vaping is the latest buzz. It has become a trend, and the industry is booming. The demand is rising, and it does not show any signs of going down any time soon especially with the bans of traditional smoking any many states across the globe. If you own an online vape store, then you understand about the stiff competition in the industry. Every vape store owner has to move out of the comfort zone if they want to keep shinning. You have to ensure that your shop is known beyond your local area. Go international. Attract as many buyers as you can and remain relevant in the market.

How do you do that? The first thing to do is advertising your products. Unfortunately, there has been a problem especially with the denied access to Facebook ads and paid search for vapes. This, however, does not mean that there are no other ways of increasing your sales. What are some of the alternatives?

Consider organic search.

If you cannot access the paid search and Facebook ads, it is time to work on your online presence. You have to optimize your website for organic searches. For starters, you have to work on your keywords and ensure that you are covering every possible area. However, do not stuff the keyword as that could hurt your site. What are some of the common keywords to use for your online store? Go for common words that vapers are likely to search more such as vapors, vaping, electronic cigarettes, e-juice, E-cig, vape pens, e-liquid, electronic vaporizer, and vaper. This way, when an interested buyer inserts any of these words in the search box, your site will appear on the search results.

Create company pages on social media platforms

Denial to access Facebook ads does not mean that you cannot create a business page on Facebook. Today, most individuals especially the youth spend most of their time online on social media, which makes this an excellent marketing strategy. Create your business page, make it as attractive as you can, post contents regularly and do not forget to interact with your followers. The trick to making a social media business page effective is making it fun and engaging. Let people ask questions, do not forget to reply to their comments and also, convince them to share your content.

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Also, you can create a group for vapers. Facebook has not banned people from talking about vaping on their platforms. The best thing about creating a group is that it is easy to reach your target audience since most groups are area-specific. Let people with a common interest come together and discuss ideas. You do not have to come in as a seller at first. You can act as a vaper and later introduce your products to the group. You can even decide to give out some giveaways and let the winners test and review the products for the rest of the group members.

Product demos

As a store owner, you must have learned a thing or two about vaping from a demo provided to you by your supplier. You can pass this knowledge on to your audience. You can show them how the products are used. Let them see you vaping as this might give them more confidence about your products. This kind of product promotion builds interest more than other methods. Do an update every time you bring new things to your store to show them that you are growing and they can count on your store for a variety of stuff.

Join the vape review sites

If you Google about vape review sites, you will find numerous sites that are specifically meant for this job. What not try them out by taking your products there? You can start by sending them some samples, let them try them out and then let them share the experience. You can also use the affiliate review share.

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Moreover, some sites are open to the public, and anyone who uses your products can write what they think about them. Convince your clients to do so for you. Reviewing does not end there. You can add a review section on your site and let visitors comment on what they think of them. The bottom line is; most people buy things based on the reports they get about those products from previous users. Therefore, the more people are talking about your vape products, the more they are likely to attract interest.

Do a YouTube video

This is more or less like the online demo. Here, you get to review your products or partner with professional YouTubers so that they do it for you. Vaping on camera is likely to attract interest. Explain the benefits of vaping to them and convince them why they should try your vape

You can choose to follow one, two or three of these tips. The more the methods you try, the better. Get out of the comfort zone. Look for unique and exciting ways to reach people and try as much as you can to persuade them to buy your vaping products, and before you know it, your sales will be on the rise.

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