How to Choose the Right Electrician for Sydney Strata Dwellings?

How to Choose the Right Electrician for Sydney Strata Dwellings?

Strata living is popular in Australia. According to the Australian strata data report 2018, 9% of the Australian population lives in Strata dwellings. Sydney has 436,793 high-density dwellings that attract young professionals and smaller families.

Finding a good electrician for Sydney strata dwelling can be a painstaking process. The reasons are many. First, strata dwellings are more likely to have advanced systems and lots of wiring. To make things easy for you, we have shared a checklist used by strata dwellers or strata schemes when hiring a professional for an electrical job.

Is the Professional Licensed?

An electrician working in Sydney or any NSW city needs to have proper trade licenses to carry out electrical work regardless of whether the work is residential, commercial, or industrial. Electric wiring work refers to the physical work of removing, altering, adding, or repairing electrical installations. 

The NSW law states a person performing electrical work without proper licenses would be fined up to $22,000. And if a company is found doing electrical work without proper licenses, it can be fined up to $111,000. Hence, if you are hiring an individual or a company to do electrical work in strata dwellings, make sure they show their licenses first. 

Beyond the fine and NSW laws, it is always good to work with a licensed electrician or company. If you are doubtful of a professional not holding proper licenses, you can go to the Fair Trading website and check whether the tradesperson is appropriately licensed.

Does Professional Have Public Liability Insurance?

According to the Strata Commission report, there are around 316,227 strata schemes that include 2.5 million lots. As per Australian laws, an electrical contractor needs to have public liability insurance to get a license. NSW does not have any specific requirements for public liability insurance. However, due to the risks involved in electrical work, it is always good to hire a professional or contractor who has public liability insurance.  

It is a critical cover that might be useful if the electrical work results in accidental damage to property or a person. Public liability insurance can save a significant amount of money in case of accidents during electrical repair work. 

Is the Professional Ready to Work on Reasonable Terms?

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According to the Sydney Strata report, 50% of units and flats in the Sydney Statistical Division are rented. The report also states Sydney has more medium and high-density dwellings than other cities in Australia. The electrician you select should be ready to work on reasonable terms and guarantee good quality work. Here is the list of practical terms you should look for:

  • Charges for the complete project and not by the hour
  • Offers 24-hours emergency service when the project work is in progress
  • Good communication 
  • Behaves professionally 
  • Gauges the work done in the pasta electrical contractors do not tolerate substandard quality of installations and electric wiring work

Since there are so many strata specialist electrical contractors, it can be tough to find the right professional or company for the job. When selecting a professional, consider the years of experience and customer experience along with the factors mentioned above. 

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