Cleaning your Carpets in your house

Cleaning your Carpets in your house

Carpets and rugs cover a major part of your flooring as well as the furnishing of your house. They come in varied designs, textures, materials, etc. But what is common about them is that they all can get dusty and dirty after some time. Let’s see cleaning your carpets in your house.

Carpet experiences a heavy walking load over them all the time. It is thus common to have dust getting trapped in them. Regular carpet cleaning is essential to keep them in good shape. 

These blogs share some of the tips that might be of help in keeping your carpet clean!

1. Vacuum your carpet more often! 

The first tip to keep your carpet clean is by vacuuming it more often and if possible, then do it regularly. Regular Cleaning ensures that the dust and dirt particles do not accumulate in the carpet. While vacuuming you can move the light furniture such as chairs and tables so that you can clean the dust which is beneath them.

You can also use various types of vacuuming brushes and attachments provided to you so that you can carry put vacuum all the possible sections. In case you cannot carry the vacuuming daily then you must do it on alternate days. This becomes very essential if have pets as they shed a lot of hair.  

2. Apply the right type of Cleaning Agent!

You can discover several brands offering various types of cleaning agents for carpet cleaning. But how you should decide which one is the best for you?

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You should read the label on such products and see the Dos and don’ts on them. You can even read about the type of fabric they can be used on. You must read the instruction given by the manufacture before recommending the product.

You can test the agent on the small portion of your carpet which is not visible in open and see the results. If the results are satisfying you may apply the product.

3.Stain Removal!

No matter how much we try stains are common on carpets and rugs. The carpet can have coffee or wine stains. The hard part is getting stain on them is easy and removing them can be difficult. 

Whenever you get a stain on a carpet, we try to scrub it which is completely wrong. You must blot or gently dab the satin so that it does not spread more. 

Blotting creates an impact on the area where the stain is there and soaks it. While blotting rubs it from the outside to inside. You can even apply a mild detergent or water to clean the stain. 

4. Re-organize your furniture!

The carpet under your furnishing gets deformed much lesser than the one which experiences constant walking foot over it. By changing the position of the carpet, it can reduce this load significantly.

This will also increase the life span of the carpet and at the same time rearrangement will help in more deep cleaning the carpet than the one carried out regularly. 

5. Washing and drying the carpet!

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Depending on the material of the carpet, you can even wash your carpet. Washing your carpet will rid you of the dust, dirt, and microbes in the carpets. The precaution and the type of washing of the carpet are usually written on them.

Cotton and synthetic carpets can be washed in the washing machine while others may not be. In case you cannot wash your carpet, you use a steam vacuum cleaner which is as effective as washing.

Once you have washed the carpet, then you can place the carpet in sunlight so that it can dry. The sunlight will also kill all the microbes in the carpet.  

Last few words!

These are some of the coolest tips that you can apply in your daily life to maintain your carpets in good condition. Keep in mind that all the tips may vary according to the type of clothing and material of your carpet as they come in varied materials such as leather, jute, cotton, and many more. 

What may work on leather may not work on other material! 

We hope you enjoyed our tips. Happy Cleaning!!


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