Author: Sara

The Octet Rule

What is the Octet rule? The propensity of atoms to have eight electrons in their valence shell is called octet rule. Atoms having less than eight electrons form more stable compounds. The electrons only from […]

Want to know a few of the ELSS funds?

The taxes are levied on the citizens after considering certain aspects as stated by the modern administration of the states. In some cases, the income is not so high, but still one has to pay […]

Jewish skull caps and mezuzah

Mezuzahs are accessible, among other Judaica available to be purchased things, in plenty in Judaica more, and a considerable number of other Judaica are available as well, and the main things you ought to do […]

Resurrecting Your Yard: Tips to Reviving a Dying Garden

We’ve all been there: we take care of a nice, lush garden and then summer comes. The sun heats up everything in its path, and it only takes a week or two of no watering […]