Why A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Is The Perfect Choice

Why A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Is The Perfect Choice

If you are looking for an engagement ring as unique as you are, then a pink diamond one is a perfect choice. Pink diamonds are extremely rare, with only about 1% of diamonds produced in the world falling into this category. They come in various shades, from light pink colours to deeper and darker reds. If you are looking to buy an engagement ring, you may wish to consider purchasing one adorned with pink diamonds and show the world how much you love each other and how special you are. 

Below are some of the reasons you may wish to choose a pink diamond ring which is the perfect choice for engagement.

The Colour Of Love

Pink is a colour that has long been associated with love, and in diamonds, it is a rare colour, and you might say they are as rare as true love. Most people opt for a white diamond engagement ring, so choosing a pink diamond is an excellent choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. Pink diamonds can come in various shades of colour and may have tinges of blue, red, orange, and purple. The Argyle Diamond mine in Australia is now closed, but it is famous worldwide for producing high-quality pink diamonds. Although the mine is no longer in operation, you can still buy argyle pink diamond from The Diamond Jewellery Studio.

Pink Diamonds Are A Mystery

Diamonds are available in many colours, and it is the chemical impurities in them that give them their colour. However, pink diamonds do not have any chemical impurities in them, making them a mysterious gemstone compared to other coloured diamonds. Scientists hypothesise that the defects and imperfections at an atomic level give these gems their distinctive colour. The mystery that gives these beautiful gems their colour is as elusive as love itself, and when you find that perfect partner to celebrate the rest of your life with, a pink diamond is an excellent way to mark the occasion.

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Choose A Bespoke Option

If you want your engagement ring to stand out and have your heart set on a pink diamond, then you will want to choose a bespoke engagement ring. Contrary to what many people think, custom-made jewellery is comparable in price to off-the-shelf designs, but bespoke jewellery is of a much higher quality. You see a lot of jewellery in your local jewellery store, including engagement rings, is mass-produced in a factory. Although you may see a design you like, the quality of the engagement ring will not be as high as when it is lovingly made by hand by a skilled artisan. 

Choosing a bespoke option allows you to get something unique that nobody else has, and you will often get much more bang for your buck when you go down the bespoke jewellery route. Pink diamonds are rare, so why use them in a generic design that many other people have when you can have something as unique as you are?

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