You will see a lot of these flower trends in 2021

You will see a lot of these flower trends in 2021

Whether there also trends in the flower industry? Hell yes! In this blog you can read what the trends will be in the field of ‘greenery and flowers’ in 2020 and how you can apply this yourself in your interior. We believe these are the flower trends of 2021.

1. Dried flowers

Why throw it away when you can recycle? According to our style director Anton van Duijn, dried bouquets are making a big comeback this year: ‘Dried grasses, grains and flowers have that classic and romantic look that you can use to create endlessly beautiful designs. Think of lushly bound stems as a field bouquet or a herbarium with flat-pressed flowers. Popular stems to use are, for example, roses, baby’s breath or cortaderia, a graceful plume.’ Dried flowers can also become a lasting memory, for example as a gift for a loved one. In short: not only trendy, but also sustainable!

2. The art of omission

‘With this method of flower arranging, more space is created between the stems, instead of filling the space with leafy greenery. This way of styling is inspired by the age-old minimalist flower arranging style Ikebana from Japan, where space and asymmetry are central. Less is more, it’s all about the right balance and proportions. This creates a floral design with an authentic and unique appearance. A living designer piece’, says Anton. How do you apply this in your own interior? For example, divide a few statements stems over small vases, so that a nonchalant composition is created. Or arrange several stems together into one bunch, without filling the empty spaces with chlorophyll. These empty spaces provide visual tension and an artistic look and feel.

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3. Send horizontal Flower Art and gifts

In addition to the classic spherical shape that you are used to from a bunch of flowers, we will see more surprising shapes next year. An example of this is horizontal flower art, where the stems do not go up in height but are styled in width. You can send these horizontal flowers as letterbox gifts to friends or relatives. Letterbox flowers are becoming more and more popular in 2021 in Europe.

4. Steal the statement

Big bigger Biggest! We love large flowers, which is why, according to Anton, seasonal flowers are grown in size: ‘A bunch of smaller peonies makes way for a few large peonies on long stems. With the right vase, a few large flowers make a real statement in your interior.’

5. Pronounced vases

Where the vase previously only served as a water reservoir for your forest, we believe that the vase is everything that determines how your forest looks. Anton: ‘The vase is the crowning glory, the icing on the cake, the important finishing touch to your bunch or bouquet. The shape of the vase and the diameter of the neck complement your bunch and give shape to the final result.’ So the vase is more important than ever! They become a statement in our interior and should preferably have an artistic and exclusive look.

Which flower is making a comeback in 2021?

The flower kingdom consists of many varieties and some gems are sometimes forgotten. Anton thinks that the Freesia should be put in the spotlight: ‘I think that is a very underappreciated flower. It used to be on your mother’s table in a small pot with a sprig of greenery in it, but this flower is originally one meter high, which makes it so special. The same goes for the gladiolus, it is a cheap flower but oh so beautiful. The Butterfly Gladiolus is a very nice one, because ‘it is two-tone.’

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