What to Know About Honeymooning in Jerome, Arizona

What to Know About Honeymooning in Jerome, Arizona

The Grand Canyon State known as Arizona is replete with a bevy of bodacious delights and experiences just waiting for your exploration. From Red Rock National Park in Sedona to the Hoover Dam, the best places to visit in Arizona are almost endless. One sweet spot among these unique travel destinations in Arizona is the town of Jerome. It is a crowning jewel in this great state with its rich heritage mixed with bohemian, artsy vibes. Here are a few reasons why Jerome is a must-see when you find yourself traveling to Arizona on your honeymoon with the sparklers for the wedding still glowing when you close your eyes.

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Why Spend Part of Your Honeymoon in Jerome, Arizona?

Whatever your interests are, Jerome is sure to satisfy your every craving and whim.  Are you into art? Love the wine-life? Or maybe your gig is all about exploring supernatural phenomena…Jerome has you covered.

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The hilltop town of Jerome may be small, but it packs a big punch when it comes to exciting events and delightful surrounding sights. A lot of this eccentric mix of travel diversity is due to Jerome’s complex and varied history. 

The History of Jerome, AZ

To explain, Jerome Arizona started as a tiny mining town in 1876. The mining industry of this town consisted mostly of copper, but some silver and gold mines were also rocking the hilltop by the rolling 1920s. The mining momentum grew over time and Jerome began to boom, earning it the title of one of the wealthiest mine towns in the US in its halcyon days.

As with most early mining communities, Jerome exploded quickly with affluence and soon gained a rather dubious reputation as the bawdiest and raucous city in the west by 1903.  At that time, it was a den of over a dozen brothels and over 30 local bars.

In its heyday, the population was estimated at 15,000 residents in the 1920s, but the census plummeted to a meager 50 inhabitants when the mines finally shut their doors in the 1950s. This dramatic evacuation of the town made Jerome one of the largest ghost towns in the west. But Jerome isn’t a quitter, and it experienced a resurgence in the 60s when artists and interested historians began to resurrect the town to its proper state of glory.

You might say Jerome is the quintessential “come-back kid” in that it has seen extreme lows in history, but it always comes back swinging. For example, today, Jerome is a thriving town known for its eclectic, quirky attractions with a versatile art scene, local artisanal crafts, antiques, and a rich heritage that is worthy of visiting on your next vacation.

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What to Expect When You Get There

Once you’ve left your friends and family behind in a swarm of wedding bubbles, you can expect a honeymoon with a fun, funky vibe, great food, tons of history, and panoramic views. Located in a desert setting, Jerome enjoys relatively moderate weather year-round However, it can get steaming hot and the sun gets intense, so be sure to pack your sunglasses, face cleanser, sunscreen, and maybe a hat when you visit this sunshiny destination.

The town of Jerome is situated over 5,000 miles above sea level and overlooks the sprawling beauty of the Verde Valley. Not only are the views breathtaking, but Jerome is also an excellent host to your creature comforts because it offers an ambitious array of accommodations for such a small town. Jerome is bucket-list-worthy for your next travel destination from Bed and Breakfast establishments, bars, stellar shopping, and seriously outstanding restaurants.

What to See While in Jerome

Jerome experienced a resurgence in the 19060s when folks started seeking inspiring, communal spaces away from the increasingly populated nearby city of Phoenix. This varied mix of styles, tastes, and personalities that descended upon Jerome in the past now culminates into a sassy, savvy blend of ‘epicurean meets rustic.’ Here are a few examples of how Jerome is a genuine phoenix rising in the dusty desert and is now ablaze with vibrant attractions for your traveling pleasure.

Explore Jerome’s Art Scene: Jerome is proud of its local artists, and this is evident by the features in the historical Hotel Jerome where over 30 artists gather their beautiful talents and impressive artistic displays thanks to the Jerome Artists Cooperative.  You may also want to peruse other art destinations in the area such as the Raku Gallery that features fine Southwestern art, or the Zen Mountain Gallery touting artisanal pottery, jewelry, and more.

Wine Tours and Tastings: If your travel tastes are more vino-centric then you have options. Visit the Original Jerome Winery which boasts a heady selection of wines produced for over 20 years on their 158-acre vineyard. There are also other wineries nearby and the locals are happy to point you in the right direction for the perfect wine excursions while staying in Jerome.

Historical Haunting Tours:  When it comes to Jerome, there is no end to historical tours. A little bit of digging into the heritage of this extraordinary town will lead you down a winding trail of local hauntings and hair-raising tours. These guided tours offer a narrative of the colorful personalities back in the booming mining era and give you a slice of the wild west. You can experience hot spots in the area that have a reputation for ghost-sightings while also getting a rich dose of the local flavor in this unique and vibrant area.

Jerome is a must-see honeymoon destination for a myriad of reasons.  It offers a sleepy, slow pace if you want to just settle in the arid desert scenery, and it also provides a wealth of historical importance if you are wanting to get your trivia on. Jerome Arizona might be small, but it is a shining star for your next travel destination when it comes to heritage and cultural diversity. 

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