What to do in Colorado Springs

What to do in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO located on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountain, is a hot tourist spot. Colorado spring is located at the foot of Pikes Peak; it was earlier known for its gold mines, for which people used to come here back in the last twentieth century.

The destination has a wide variety of tourist spots to offer, such as the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre, Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Will’s Rogers Shrine of the Sun and a lot more. Some of the most popular hot tourist spots in Colorado spring are as follows:

1) Colorado Springs Fine Arts Centre

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts and Centre were set up in the year 1936, and later the building was re-developed and given a new look in July’2017. The center has the finest Santa Fe-style architecture developed by Mexican architect John Gaw Meem. These architectural elements contributed to the center’s inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

The center is well known for its wealth of artistic and performing facilities like studios, galleries, music rooms, theatrical venues, libraries. Fine Arts Centre often organizes movie screenings, plays, dance, music shows while Taylor Museum showcases artwork. Art classes for the community are organized at Bemis School of Art from time to time.

2) Garden of the Gods

Nestled at North 30th Street in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is a renowned tourist destination. Tourists visit this park for its colorful rock formation of varied colors such as red, pink, white. The park is spread over a land of 1364 acres comprising its huge limestone cliffs. 

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For those who love to walk, then this destination is best for you as the park has a beautiful pathway of more than 15 miles. The park features a variety of displays surrounding Native Americans, flora and fauna, and beautiful views.

3) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Will’s Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the only mountain zoo in the United States, is located on the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road, southwest of Colorado Springs. The destination spans over an area of 140 acres and is at the height of 6,800 feet above sea level. 

The destination spans over an area of 140 acres and is at the height of 6,800 feet above sea level. The zoo is home to over 180 species, 950 animals, and over 30 endangered species.

There are roughly 950 animals at the zoo, 180 kinds, and 30 endangered species. The zoo also features a zipline that allows you to ride around the entire area, and you can even feed the giraffes with your hand. Will Rogers Shrine, built in honor of actor Will Rogers, who perished in an aircraft disaster, enters this park. The temple is located just over the zoo.

4) North Cheyenne Canon Park

North Cheyenne Canon Park is located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. Mule Deer, Black bears, Mountain Lions and a vast diversity of local and migratory birds are among the residents.

The destination offers a pathway of more than four miles which is an amazing opportunity for all the hikers. Starsmore Discovery Centre, Silver Cascade Falls, and Helen Hunt Fall as its hot tourist destination. You can even visit the center if you want to hike on longer trails or need more details about the area.

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5) Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is named after an initial explorer Zebulon Pike. The peak is located at the height of 14,115 feet over sea level is amongst the tallest peaks in Rocky Mountain. 

The Pikes Peak Highway, which stretches for 19 miles, allows you to drive across these stunning mountains. There are several magnificent vistas from the area. You may also reach the summit via the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Train, the world’s tallest cog railway.

You can even reach the peak by trekking a distance of over 13-mile on the Barr Trail. The mountain’s peak offers peace and serenity and lets you connect with nature again. 

The Key Takeaway!

Colorado Springs is a well-known tourist location that you may visit with your family and friends. The setting is ideal for reconnecting with nature, and it is a fantastic location for those adventure seekers who enjoy biking, hiking, and discovering new places.

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