Manicure Scissors: The History of a Favorite Tool

Manicure Scissors: The History of a Favorite Tool

We can’t imagine our life without scissors. From manicure to sewing, a pair of scissors has become one of the most important tools. People have been using this tool since the ancient period. Well, if you want to unleash the history of your favorite tool, then you are at the right place.

In today’s world, we can find a large variety of scissors. However, it was not when scissors were invented. It took a lot of years and improvement to get modern-day scissors. You can check the variety of scissors on the website. In fact, scissors play a crucial role in medical science.

In this article, we will cover the detailed history of scissors. We will also cover the evolution of manicures, the evolution of scissors, types of scissors, and more.

The Evolution of Manicures

Before we start with the history of scissors, we need to know the evolution of manicures. Well, the manicured practice started around 4000 years ago from now. In ancient China, Royal people used to paint their nails in various colors.

On the other hand, ancient Egypt was also aware of manicures since 23000 BC. There’s a popular saying that queen Cleopatra used to paint her nail deep red. The military commanders also used to paint their nails in the battle.

Later, manicure was originated in France in the 18th century. They used to design manicures to resemble natural nails. This is why French people used to prefer the pink color most.

How did Ancient People Trim Their Nails?

As we mentioned, manicure was popular during the ancient age. But how ancient people used to trim their nails? Sure, there were no manicure scissors or nail clippers. These types of tools only became available during the 20th century.

According to many historians, people in ancient times used to use a small blade or penknife to trim their nails. During that time, carrying a knife was common. Well, what if we go back farther before when humans hadn’t developed blades?

The answer is quite easy – as humans used to act more like hunters at that time, it’s easy to say that the fingernails would’ve naturally been chipped away.

The History of Scissors

You see how ancient people used to manicure and trim their fingernails. So, when the scissors and nail clippers were invented? As we have mentioned before, a pair of scissors is an essential tool.

Well, it does not mean people invented it just because of trimming nails. In fact, the idea of a nail clipper is quite new. So, let’s find out the history of scissors.

  • Ancient Scissors

There is a myth about the invention of scissors where they believe this useful tool was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Italian polymath. However, according to some reliable studies, scissors were in use even before his period.

Spring scissors were popular in the Middle East over 4,000 years ago. This type of scissors was created by shaping and heating metal bars. The demand for spring scissors is still high nowadays.

  • Pivoted Scissors

Pivoted scissors were widely used by the ancient Roman people. Well, this type of scissors was developed in a large quantity after the 17th century. However, Romans used to use pivoted scissors during 100AD.

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Besides Romans, many countries in the East including China were using pivoted scissors. Someone has to be careful to produce a pair of pivoted scissors. However, people develop pivoted scissors with the help of machinery.

  • Artful Tools

We can find various examples of innovation during the ancient era. Even the work of crafting needed hard work, time, and dedications, they have created some beautiful tools. There were various types of decorative scissors; made of silver, gold, bronze, and polished steel.

However, these scissors were used for different purposes. In fact, customized sizes were available at that time. Some scissors were very small where others were designed in the larger size.

  • Scissors in Print

We can find the use of scissors in various books, articles, and more. Several people have mentioned the use of scissors during ancient times. According to a journal of The Biblical Archaeologist, scissors were used for various purposes.

On the other hand, a book called ‘A Story of Shears and Scissors’ had mentioned how ancient Egyptians used to make bronze shears.

Type of Scissors

The history of scissors is really interesting. Well, just like ancient people, we use this tool for many things. The difference is we have developed a different type of scissors for specific uses.

  • Grooming

The use of scissors for grooming has been important since the ancient era. Well, we have made different types of scissors in the modern days. Now you can find a pair of scissors for specific grooming purposes. Some popular grooming scissors are thinning shears, hair-cutting shears, nail scissors, nail clippers, hair clippers, and nose scissors.

  • Gardening and Agriculture

Besides grooming, the use of scissors for agriculture and gardening has increased. Well, we don’t have much information about the use of scissors for agriculture during the ancient era. However, the use of gardening tools has relatively increased. Some of these gardening tools are hedge trimmers, grass shears, pruning shears, loppers, and blade shears.

  • Food Scissors

Scissors are very useful for the kitchen. Even there’s no clear evidence of using scissors for food and drug during the ancient period, the use of food scissors has increased in today’s world.

Kitchen scissors or kitchen shears are used for food preparations and other kitchen functions such as bottle opening, cracking nuts, and more. Plus, there is various type of food and drug scissors including poultry shears and cigar cutter.

  • Metal Work

Scissors play a crucial role in metalwork. As we know ancient people mainly used to make scissors for this purpose, it hasn’t changed in the modern era. The good thing is this type of scissors has improved a lot. Some popular metalwork scissors are compound action snips, hydraulic cutters, throatless shears, and snips.

  • Medical Use

Besides metalwork and agriculture work, scissors are very essential tools for medical use. These types of scissors are made with high-quality metals and by applying specific procedures. The use of scissors in the medical field has improved the health care system. Some of the best medical use scissors are surgical scissors, iris scissors, bandage scissors, and Metzenbaum scissors.

  • Sewing
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Scissors have been used for sewing and clothing purposes for a long time. Just like other scissors, this has improved a lot. Some popular sewing scissors are crafting scissors, button hole scissors, pinking shears, embroidery snips, and tailor’s scissors.

  • The Impact of Sewing Scissors

There is a brief history of sewing scissors. The skill of sewing has protected humans in many ways. In the ancient time, when there was no sign of civilization and hunting was the only way to live life, cave dwellers started sewing clothing with animal skins.

Later, they started developing sewing tools for producing more clothes. Now, sewing scissors are one of the essential tools for humans. From sewing clothes to mattress, a pair of scissors play a crucial role.

Evolution of Scissors

You can see the path of scissors from the ancient age. This useful tool is probably one of the best innovations of humans. The best thing is, we have created different types of scissors for various purposes.

Modern-day scissors were produced in the 18th century. Robert Hinchliffe, an English entrepreneur started manufacturing pivoted scissors in 1761. He was the first person who manufactured pivoted scissors with fine cast steel.

Now, scissors makers use polished steel to make scissors capable of clean cuts. It’s easy to cut anything with a pair of top-quality scissors. No matter how advanced we are nowadays, a pair of scissors is the go-to tool in every household.


There are many types of superstitions around scissors. Well, it mainly depends on the culture, region, tribe, and religion. In Western Europe, British parents used to hung a pair of iron scissors over their children to keep fairies away.

In New Orleans, US people believe that putting on a pair of scissors is good for sleep. People in China believe that if they are giving a pair of scissors to their friends or loved ones, they are cutting the tie with them.

Pakistani people think that idly opening and closing scissors is a sign of bad luck. Some parts of Eastern Europe believe that leaving scissors open can leads to household disagreements.

Some parts of North Africa have a superstition with scissors that says that someone can curse a bridegroom with scissors. It could happen when the person stands behind the bridegroom and opens the scissors by calling his name.

However, there is no strong logic behind these superstitions. Although most have stopped believing in these scissors nowadays.


As we have mentioned before, the history of scissors is very interesting. Overall, a pair of scissors has been playing an important role since the ancient era. From the medical field to agriculture, we cannot do important work without this useful tool.


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