Author: Snehal Tanwar

I am a 26 year old young and witty girl, who simply loves to write and be around her friends. I am the one who believes in filling the heart of her readers with love, passion and contentment.
This Is How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Have you recently purchased a piece of sterling silver jewelry? It may have rocked your fashion world, but you need to stay up to date on its cleaning process. Learning how to clean sterling silver […]

Buying a Mac: 5 Tips You Need To Know

Apple didn’t become the very first $2trillion company for no reason! Inspirational founders, industry-rocking ideas, and a commitment to sleek, stunning design-work have all contributed to its success. People across the entire globe go mad […]

What Is the Value of Silver Jewelry?: A Guide for Finically Savvy Fashionistas

Are you interested in buying or selling silver jewelry? Entering the jewelry market also allows you to remain current on the latest jewelry trends. Many investors enter the silver jewelry market to generate a stable income source.  What is the […]

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy: 5 Tips for Mental Fortitude at Any Age

Are you looking for ways to keep your brain sharp as you age? Do you want to find different things that you can do to stay cognitive and alert? If so, then you need to […]

Party Decor: Must Have for A Housewarming Party

House moving can be pretty exhausting and stressful at times. A house warming party can be a good thing to drain out all the stress and fatigue. Calling out friends and family, giving them and […]

The Quad: The Ideal Vehicle Choice for Rough Roads

While it is so nice to drive a hi-end sports car on a smooth tarmac highway, taking on a rough and bumpy road is also a challenge, and if you are thinking of doing some […]


Roofing is one of the essential areas of house construction. A roof should not allow water to percolate or any foreign substance to enter the house. We must reconstruct the roof if any issues like […]

Restoring your home after a fire

Nowadays, a large number of people are reporting house fire cases. Some common causes of house fires are short circuits, gas leakage, faulty electrical wiring, malfunctioning of any kitchen equipment, or overloaded circuits. The immediate […]


The world we are living in seems to be working in off values and it seems that there is nothing much that can be done. But does this mean that you also have to work […]

Creating A Welcoming Space Outside Of Your Home

For a lot of people, first impressions mean a lot, so when you invite someone to your home you want the front of your house to look and feel warm and inviting. Often, big changes […]