A Guy’s Guide to Memorial Day Weekend Style

A Guy’s Guide to Memorial Day Weekend Style

Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and you know what that means — it’s time to break out the grill, crack open some cold drinks and soak up the sun with your friends and family. Memorial Day weekend often involves attending different events with varying dress codes. There’s no need to be stressed, though. With these six essential tips for selecting suitable styles for each occasion, you can effortlessly enjoy all the ceremonies and festivities that come with the holiday.

Tip 1: Keep Cool in Bright Colors and Light Fabrics

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, the transition from spring to summer weather brings the need for lighter fabrics and fresher colors. Opt for cotton or linen for breathability and comfort. Colors like yellow and pale blue exude a cool vibe. Olive green or beige tank tops for men worn with jean shorts, a light blue denim jacket, and white loafers make for a great weekend trip or parade outfit. A pink or purple chambray shirt with print shorts adds a bright touch.

Tip 2: Go for a Patriotic Vibe

Traditional Memorial Day fashion strives for patriotic colors or muted tones. Consider white jeans worn with a blue-and-white-check short-sleeved henley and red boat shoes. Or, try blue shorts paired with a light plaid shirt in blue and red with white bucks. You can also go for a more subdued style with stone-washed jeans, a tan or gray-blue polo shirt and brown loafers. Add a patriotic patch on your jeans or a flag pin on your lapel to complete the look. Alternatively, you can opt for contemporary colors like wasabi green, olive, khaki and purple. Khaki and yellow greens have a long-standing military history, whereas purple represents valor.

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Tip 3: Choose Casual Choices for a Sunday Barbecue

A Sunday barbecue is a traditional way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. Go for a smart casual look with a polo shirt, khaki shorts, and boat shoes or loafers. Avoid wearing anything too casual, like flip-flops. If you’re looking for a dressier option, consider espadrilles. Not only are these shoes lightweight and breathable, but they also offer support for your feet. Bringing a light denim jacket or pullover sweater is a good idea in case it gets chilly in the evening. Basic barbecue wear revolves around solid-colored shorts, a collared short-sleeved shirt, and boat shoes or moccasins. You can accessorize any outfit with sunglasses and a classic silver-toned watch.

Here are some more outfit ideas:

  • White polo, blue denim jeans, black moccasins
  • White linen short-sleeved button-down shirt with blue and red stripes, pale blue cotton shorts, white espadrilles
  • Pale blue tank top, white or black floral button-down shirt, khakis, red or white boat shoes

Tip 4: Make a Splash at the Pool Party

Pool parties provide a great opportunity to show off your playful side, but don’t forget to dress appropriately. For a standard outfit, opt for festive bathing trunks and a nice t-shirt. If you’re invited to a catered event with a DJ, then you might want to dress up a bit more than you would for a typical pool party. Consider investing in swim trunks that double as chino-style shorts for a more upscale look that can withstand the pool’s demands. Pair them with a slim-fit navy or black polo and brown or white espadrilles to complete the outfit. If you’re attending an intimate pool party with close friends, colorful swim trunks are appropriate.

There are plenty of options to choose from for Memorial Day weekend events, such as:

  • Vivid sea-green or ocean-blue trunks, floral or tropical print button-down linen shirt, gray loafers

  • Print shorts, white slim-fit upper long-sleeved linen tee, neutral slip-ons

  • Vertical stripe shorts (red or blue in keeping with the patriotic theme), blue-gray or gold polo, white Vans

Tip 5: Dress Up for a Night Out

When preparing for Memorial Day weekend, you’ll want to have an outfit that can be dressed up for various occasions. Whether you’re heading out for a fancy dinner, attending a semi-formal brunch or going to a house party, a sharp look is key. Typically, this will involve wearing chinos, a button-down shirt and moccasins. Socks are recommended, but they shouldn’t be visible. Your shirt can have short or long sleeves, but it’s best to opt for cotton, linen, or poly blends that are cooler than silk. To complete the look, consider adding a belt, a luxurious watch and stylish sunglasses. Memorial Day weekend events often call for white or khaki trousers, a bold solid-colored or tropical print shirt, and blue or red moccasins.

Try some of the outfit combos below:

  • White chinos, dark blue button-down shirt with green foliage print, brown belt, dark blue moccasins

  • Dark rinse jeans, ivory button-down shirt with black print, denim jacket, white slip-on sneakers

  • Blue chino, white short-sleeved henley, red moccasins

Tip 6: Experiment With an All-white Look

Wearing an all-white outfit may appear daring, but it’s a great choice for a day in the sun and eliminates the stress of figuring out how to match your outfit to the solemn undertones of Memorial Day. To achieve a full all-white look, you can even opt for white frames on your sunglasses. You can also incorporate a touch of color by choosing patriotic red, white and blue stripes for your sunglass frames or adding a blue and red ribbon to a Panama hat.

Here are some all-white outfit ideas:

  • White jeans, white tank top, white fishermen’s sandals
  • White swim trunks, white popover, white Birkenstocks
  • White shorts, white pocket t-shirt, white slip-ons

Celebrate the Holiday in Style

Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor veterans and celebrate the unofficial start of summer. Choosing the right outfit is important in showing respect for the occasion while keeping cool and expressing your unique style.

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