All That You Need To Know About Gold-Filled Jewelry

All That You Need To Know About Gold-Filled Jewelry

Gold jewelry is often passed on across generations as heirloom. Most of the gold that is passed on as familial wealth is made out of twenty-two or eighteen-karat gold, and that is what adds to the preciousness of the metal. However, with time, people have changed their fashion choices, and the type of jewelry that they wear is no exception. Today, people have moved on from traditional jewelry made out of gold and diamond gold-filled jewelry.

Gold-Filled Jewelry: The New Trend In The World Of Fashion

Most of you may have heard a lot about gold-filled jewelry, but you may not know minute details about its purity, its longevity, etc. So, if you have never visited a gold-filled jewelry manufacturer before, you may want to read this blog post before making a purchase.

What Is Gold-Filled Jewelry?

Gold-filled jewelry is not the same as an alloy of gold. Alloys are a chemical mix of two or more metals into one. But gold filling includes the bonding of a solid layer of gold with other metals. Thus, unlike an alloy, there is no intimate chemical mixing of two metals; instead, there is a layering of one type of metal over the other. Typically, a brass core is sandwiched between two layers of gold. However, other methods of layering also exist. Usually, such jewelry has a definite proportion of gold in it, which typically is five percent by weight.

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Gold Jewelry And Skin Sensitivity

Many people have allergic reactions when their body comes in contact with certain metals. In most cases, nickel mixed with gold causes allergies, but gold-filled jewelry as such does not lead to allergic reactions unless your skin is sensitive to pure gold.

Jewelry And Tarnishing

Jewelry pieces often lose their shine with time. Several factors, like exposure to direct sunlight or direct contact with moisture (sweat), can hasten the tarnishing of a metal. But gold-filled jewelry can be protected against tarnishing if you take good care of the pieces of jewelry. Most people remove their gold jewelry before they enter a swimming. Likewise, it is also preferable to wipe off rings and bracelets if your hands become too sweaty. 

Cost Of Jewelry

Gold is a precious metal, and the higher the purity of gold, the higher will be the price of the jewelry. The filling or layering in between two layers of gold can be done with any metal like brass, but if the gold is eighteen Karat, it will be more expensive vis-a-vis gold of lower purity.


The steeply rising prices of traditional metals like gold and silver are forcing people to opt for alternative, unconventional pieces of jewelry. Moreover, the constant fear of being mugged is making people wear semi-precious metals and stones. However, purchasing from a reputable jeweler is a must if you want to get good value for your money. You must also know about the ways in which you handle the jewelry so that it lasts long without getting tarnished and losing its texture.

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