Gas vs Electric Stove: The Main Differences Explained

Gas vs Electric Stove: The Main Differences Explained

Know More About gas vs electric stove and how you can choose the best. Cooking energy accounts for nearly 90% of energy consumption at home.

As a homeowner, you would like the most energy-efficient and reliable cooking stove to save on your monthly energy bills. However, you might still find the choosing process overwhelming due to the sheer volume of stoves in the market.

If you are in this situation right now, this guide is for you. The article will help you

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Gas Stove Overview

A gas stove uses combustible gases to ignite. Common gases include butane, propane, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and so on. If you refill the right gases, a gas stove can serve you for an extended period.


Many chefs prefer the gas stoves to electric ones because gas heats much faster. This minimizes the delays in the kitchen, mainly if you have to cook many meals. Here are other benefits that you can enjoy when using a gas stove.

  • It is a cheap option if you have a reliable gas line in your home
  • You can use it for cooking, grilling, simmering, etc.
  • The temperature control is easy and instant
  • You can use many types of pans and pots

The top part is also easy to clean, and this makes the maintenance stress free. For more benefits, get the best quality stove and gas too. You may check these Thor gas range reviews to know the available gas stoves in the market.


Nothing is perfect; you may experience a few changes when using the gas stove. Here are the main disadvantages of using this type of burner:

  • Ventilation problems may affect the energy efficiency of the flames
  • The flames may create a greasy surface on the top parts of the burner
  • May pose safety hazards if you have children, or if the gas accidentally leaks

The stove might also require regular cleaning. Too much buildup affects the flames, and the energy might be very poor if you don’t clean daily.

Electric Stoves Overview

An electric stove uses electricity only. It is the best option for homeowners whose houses have 220-volt electricity because they will only need to plug in the stove whenever they need to cook.

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But before you install, it’s advisable to call an electrician to examine your electric supply and confirm that it is enough for the electric stove.


Some chefs prefer using the electric stove than the gas stove. Here are the main benefits which make it an ideal option:

  • The surface is easy to clean
  • It is a safer option- not prone to safety hazards
  • Easy to switch on and off

Also, the flat surface increases the stability of pots/pans


The buying cost is the main drawback of the electric stove. Here are other reasons why some people don’t like the electric stove:

  • You can quickly burn yourself if you touch the hot coil without knowing
  • The stove is slow when compared to gas

Lastly, the cooker goes off immediately in case of a power outage. This means that you can be inconvenienced if your area is prone to power blackouts.

Gas vs Electric Stove: Understanding the Differences

There are notable differences between gas and electric stoves. Go through them so that you can make an informed decision when buying them.

Gas Stove Require Gas Line

As mentioned, you require a reliable gas line to use the gas stove. You can refill the stove with any gas mentioned by the stoves manufacturer. The right gas should be combustible and should be readily available in your area for quick refilling.

An electric stove doesn’t use gas; it uses electricity only. If you buy it, you should ensure you have a reliable supply of electricity to reduce inconveniences. The average power consumption for many electricity stoves is 220 volts per outlets.

Electric Stoves Are Costly

The cost of gas and electric stoves vary depending on multiple factors. However, the electric stoves have relatively high buying costs, which turn many buyers off.

Besides the buying costs, the consumption expenses for the two stoves are almost the same. Before you buy, consider your stove usage needs and the long term maintenance requirements, and then choose the most affordable option.

Electric Stoves Are More Efficient

Electric stoves save more energy when compared to the gas stoves. Even though the gas is cheaper, you might waste more energy by using gas. The electric coils channel 90% of the energy to the food you cook, while the gas flames may lose up to 40 percent of the energy while cooking.

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If you decide to choose the gas stove, find a great cooktop with advanced adjustment options to save energy consumption.

Electric Stoves Are Safer

Gas stoves present more risks than electric stoves. This is because they can efficiently emit gases at any time, mainly if you don’t switch off well. Even if the flame is not there, the gas can be emitted anytime, and it might cause fire hazards.

You can avoid this risk by turning off the burner after using it.

The electric stoves are the safest if you have kids. However, you should be keen when touching the electricity coil because it becomes hot immediately after turning the power on.

Gas Stoves Have Better Temperature Control

Gas stoves present the best temperature control mechanisms. The adjustment effects are instant, making it easier for you to get the required level of heat.

On the other hand, electric stoves respond to temperature control slowly. For instance, if you reduce the temperature, the coils will take a prolonged period to become less hot, and this is where the delay comes from.

Besides, the electric gas may not allow you to do some things such as toasting. If you are a chef and like trying many cooking techniques, then the gas cooker would be ideal.

Gas or Electric Stove: Choosing the Best

Both options are great. It’s upon you to choose the best depending on your budget and needs too. Before you buy, understand each option’s pros and cons and choose the most appropriate for your needs.

Go through user reviews too to know the best brands in the market. When you gather the right information, you will buy the best stove and reduce inconveniences.

Seek Professional Guidance

At times, it might be hard to decide on gas vs electric stove. The salespeople may also confuse you with their marketing tactics. To avoid confusion, consult an expert to help in choosing the best.

The right seller will understand your needs, and explain both options and help you choose the best.

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