Does your Home Insurance cover water damage?

Does your Home Insurance cover water damage?

Water damage is often, but it is not usually covered under a regular home insurance plan. It varies on the reason: abrupt inside water damage is considered, but the damage caused by carelessness or poor maintenance or a natural disaster such as food is not considered.

Thus, all types of water damage are not underwater insurance policies. This article will cover all the aspects of water damage covered under a home insurance policy.

  1. Flooding and Rainfall

The first question that arises in your mind about your home insurance policy is whether it covers water damage or not? Does homes insurance cover rain-related water damage? Generally, the answer is yes if the damage, if a rainstorm causes the damage. But do storms fall under the purview of house insurance? The answer is usually No.

If a thunderstorm destroys a pane or the rainfall destroys your furnishings and drywall, your home coverage will issue you a claim based on the rules and regulations. Suppose the insurance company identifies any neglect at your end, such as an open window that caused damage to your furniture. In that case, such damages are not covered under the home insurance.

Loss caused by a flood is usually not a part of the standard insurance policy. As a result, if severe storms cause water to accumulate inside your home, your typical insurance policy will not pay for the damage. Flood insurance is available to help you in such a scenario.

  1. Overflowing Appliances

In most circumstances, your home insurance reimburses you a claim against any water damage caused by overflowing appliances such as dishwashers washing machines. The insurance company will pay you only if the incidents occur mistakenly and unexpectedly. For example, if any garment gets stuck in the washing machine water outlet, it may cause an overflow in the laundry area; your home insurance should cover the resulting damage.

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But, if one’s negligence caused the situation, the home’s insurance would not cover these expenses. For example, if you removed the washer’s drip pan and take the deliberate choice of not replacing it, and water ruins the flooring over time, the insurance will not cover the damage.

  1. Leakage in the pipe

Whenever pipe bursts or cracks because of an accident, you will surely have thus doubt whether your home insurance will cover the cost of the damage. The great news is that home insurance covers such water damage. For instance, while you were looking for an iron skillet beneath the sink and taking it out, the pipeline of the basin got broken. Your home insurance will pay your claim and the replacement of the carpets as well.

However, if leaky pipelines create harm due to inadequate maintenance, the insurance will not issue you a claim. For instance, if the situation aggravates, causing major issues like mold growth, the insurance carrier may refuse your request.

  1. Putting out a fire

In most scenarios, home insurance covers the damage while extinguishing a fire. If the fire burns your kitchen area or your living room, the firefighters use water to extinguish the fire, which will damage your furniture, flooring, garments, electrical appliances, etc. These damages are also covered under home insurance.

However, if the insurance company identifies that the fire occurred due to negligence, the insurance will not pay for the fire damage. However, if the fire was started due to negligence, the insurance may refuse to pay the fire or water damage. For example, if the gas stove service inspector suspected a worn-out hose and suggested you a replacement, but you did not carry it out and avoided fixing it, the insurance company will refuse the whole claim due to carelessness.

  1. Clogging of sewage system
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We’ve previously mentioned some of the impacts of water damage, but if water overflows from a sewer or outdoor drainage due to rain?

Generally, if the backlog occurs outside your property, like the street, the company may reimburse the resulting damage. But, if the sewage accumulates on the property, most common house insurance plans will not cover water damage. You’ll need to have additional coverage.


These are some of the areas related to water damage that is covered under the insurance policy. You can also hire an efficient Detroit water damage company as they closely work with them, which reduces the pressure of documentation over your shoulders.

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