Party Decor: Must Have for A Housewarming Party

Party Decor: Must Have for A Housewarming Party

House moving can be pretty exhausting and stressful at times. A house warming party can be a good thing to drain out all the stress and fatigue. Calling out friends and family, giving them and yourself a good time can be good for your mental health as well. But what is a party without decor and lights, it’s a fun event, and no one likes their canvas grey. Don’t worry, we got you covered, in this article we are going to cover the best party décor ideas for your house warming party invite.

DIY Photo Booth for Party Decor:

Everyone loves to preserve their best memories. Installing a photo booth can bring your house warming photos up a notch. Throw in a bunch of fairy lights in the background to make it look more scenic. A few cardboard props, cardboard props will do the trick.

Dessert Table:

Setting up a dessert table with cupcakes pastries, Crème Brulee, Tarts, etc. is another good way to fulfill a sweet tooth. Decorate the table with a nice table cloth and a few lights.


You can get so many types of garland and party décor from the market. There’s Flower Garland, Tassel Garland are totally hot right now, Paper Bunting garland, etc. Decorate the party area with colorful garland according to the party theme.

Instant Ice Cream Parlor:

An Instant ice cream parlor is perfect for a summer party endings, its chilling and its sweet. You can easily rent out an ice cream machine, and buy pre-made ones from the market. Have some sweet sprinkles. Having Different flavors of ice cream is good so that anyone can scoop out whatever flavors they want.

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Lighting up Garden:

Light up the sitting area of your garden with string lights and lanterns. Lighting helps define the intimate entertaining space where everyone will hang out.

More Party Decor: Paper Toppers:

Top your cake or cupcakes with colorful paper toppers highlighting the reason for the celebration. You can also place new address announcement cards on top of some wood skewers it’s a cute way to announce your new home address.

Video Games:

Set up a gaming console in the lounge is a good way to boost the party. If you and your friends are video games lover, you guys can have a blast of an evening together at a party. Video games are something time-proof. No matter how older you get, with a good company of a few friends, you always enjoy them. Have a video games options for game titles like Fifa Football, Need for speed, NFL, etc. Multiplayer games are the best option. It is better if more than one player is engaged in an activity.

Cocktail Bar:

Who doesn’t like alcohol? A cocktail bar isn’t a bad idea. Many people love it a little tipsy. Setting up a small bar or at least a place where you place a few alcoholic beverages will come in handy. The least you can do is place a huge container of Juice, some vodka, and fruits in it. Get a few plastic cups.

Flower Table:

Most of us love fresh flowers. Fresh aroma spread around the room creates a good impression on the guests. Place many different types of flower bouquets and individual plants onto a table and decorate the table. Flowers are a good decorative item too.

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Chalkboard Menu:

Create a beautiful but casual party décor menu for your guests to enjoy. It’s a great way to lighten up the way towards the food, especially if you’ve decided to host in the backyard, and it’s a fun accent to the party as well.

Confetti Balloon:

Fill a few balloons with tiny pieces of color paper like in confetti or cut round polka dots from color paper and fill balloons with it. When they blow up, they’ll have a unique and even more festive look to them.

Hanging Streamers for Party Decor:

Let these colorful Hanging streamers hang from the top of your ceiling, instead of using them as garland. This can create a beautiful backdrop and a really funky vibe.

It is better to have thematic party décor as they are more fun than a boring standard house warming party that people would forget in days. So, you should consider having e a particular theme at your party. This way, it will be easy for you to decide what things you want for your décor. On the other side, it will cost more entertaining and memorable.

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