How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost on Average?

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost on Average?

Imagine a world where you can have an icy blonde sleek bob one day and a luxurious 36-inch with lowlights next week. Well, you don’t have to imagine it since we live in it. Hair extensions are nothing new, they’ve been around for hundreds of years, since the days of the not so beloved Cleopatra.

Wigs, sew in hairpieces, glue-ins, braids and so much more. Women have turned the hair industry into a multi-million dollar empire and there’s no decline on the horizon.

If you’re looking to join in on the ever-growing hair extensions wave, now is better than never. With the range of hair comes the range of pricing, and for those new to the hair craze, it can be quite surprising how much is invested in quality extensions.

You’re probably wondering “so how much do hair extensions cost?”

Below we’ll be breaking down the types of hair extensions and how much you can expect to pay for the hair + service on average. Let’s get to it.

How Much do Hair Extensions Cost?

There are many factors to take into consideration when looking at hair. Quality is the first, synthetic hair is cheaper than human hair (in price and quality), there are also several human & synthetic blends that make this affordable.

Once you’ve decided the hair, you’re interested in the next factor is the amount and length. The thicker and longer the hair you want is, the higher the price.

Next are the texture and color, curly, kinky, straight, wavy. Blonde, brown, black, red. The list goes on and the possibilities are endless.

Last but definitely not least is the installation process. Will you be performing the installations yourself or at a salon? These factors can affect the price of hair extensions as well.

The cost of average hair extensions start from $100 and can go up to $1000/2000 depending on the type of hair and type of installations, color, length, and density.

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Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not a one fit for all, there are various types of hair extensions and installations methods that vary in price. Choosing the best for you is dependant on your hair type, ease of application, and budget. The most popular are:


Clip-in extensions are the best option for those with thinning hair that want a thicker and fuller look. They range from $100 for 20 inches of hair to $500+ for a pack of 5, 30-inch clips. Clip-ins are easy to work with so you wouldn’t need professional installations, which makes these forms of extensions very affordable.


Tape-ins are often made from real human hair and are installed by attaching segments of natural hair to double-sided keratin tape. Hair is applied as close to the roots as possible for the most authentic look. Starting prices of a tape in at a salon cost $200 and go upward based on the length and thickness of hair.


Sew-ins are when wefts of hair that you sew into braided down hair on your head. This is a very high maintenance style that requires professional installation and lasts 1-2 months. When quality hair is used for sew-ins, they can be taken out and put back in multiple times, so it tends to be an affordable investment.

The starting price of a sew-in installation with the hair included is $300 and upward depending on how much hair is installed and the type of installations (braided vs nonbranded)

Glued In

Glued in hair extensions are the best for the thick-haired, that want a little more boost or length. With this method, the hairdresser melts the keratin bond from the hair strips into the bonds of your natural hair. This method has a range of price of $250-$400.


Braid extensions or box braids are often overlooked but are also a type of hair extension. The method is to braid from the natural hair and use the extension to continue the braid to the desired length. Braids usually require professional installation.

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The most popular hair for braid extensions is synthetic hairs since human hair is looser and doesn’t hold as firm. Because of this, the hair used is cheaper and starts from $25-30 a pack but since the installation is so labor-intensive prices can go up to $400-$700.


All the craze and very deserving wigs have made headway in the hair extension industry. Handmade or machine made wigs made from human Remy hair have a starting price of $250 for the shortest length and density, installations start at $170 and go up. With proper maintenance wigs can be worn for years, changing the cut, color, and style is also possible with this option making it a very flexible and healthy investment.

How Long do Extensions Last?

Depending on the type of hair used for each installation, your extension can last from weeks to years. Maintaining extensions is also a big part of the longevity of your hair. Here are some examples of various style timelines.

  • Clip-in – one year (hair can be reusable)
  • Tape in 6-8 weeks (hair is not reusable)
  • Sew in- 1-2 months (hair is removable and reuseable)
  • Glued in- 4-8 weeks (hair is reusable)
  • Wigs – several months- a year + (hair is reusable)

Investing In Hair

There’s no one answer to “how much do hair extensions cost?” Extensions are an investment no matter what kind of hair and installation you think works the best for you. It takes time, commitment, and research, but when done properly the results are very worth it.

If you’re ever interested in dipping your toe in this ever-growing industry now is the time to budget for it as it’s only getting bigger and better. Don’t forget to visit our blog for more tips on beauty and hair care.

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