Is Microblading Worth It For You?

Is Microblading Worth It For You?

You may be the type of person who can watch Youtube tutorials on makeup and hair and nail it, or you may be the type who, no matter how hard you try, fails at it! No matter where you fall on the spectrum of beauty know-how, one thing most of us can agree on is it’s always a great day when you get yourself together quickly. That’s why tons of people turn to services that make getting ready in the morning that much quicker. Services like eyelash extensions so we can forego mascara routines, Botox to look refreshed and younger no matter how little sleep we’ve gotten, and microblading to have perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows. You may have perfected filling in your brows using a brow pencil, brow powder, or even brow stickers. If that’s you, you’ve surely pondered whether or not is microblading worth the investment for you. Let’s take a look at whether or not it would be. 

It Saves Significant Time 

As mentioned above, one of the biggest bonuses you’ll get when you have your brows microbladed is it saves you a ton of time. If you think about how long you spend achieving a perfectly clean brow – likely through powder with expensive brushes, highlighter underneath your arch, and the precision achieved through patience – it takes about five to ten minutes every day to get that perfect eyebrow. If you add that time up, that’s seventy minutes a week! Not to mention touch-ups if you’re going out after work or school. So, you’ll save an hour a week with microblading, which is significant. You may love your brows so much you spritz on your favorite Catherine Malandrino perfume as you walk out the door, and you’re done!

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Do Needles Make You Nervous? 

One area where some people get nervous about the service of microblading is that it is, in fact, tattooing your face! Maybe you’re squeamish about needles and tattoos in general. While this is entirely understandable, just as you get Novocaine at the dentist, your esthetician or provider will numb you for your brow procedure. Additionally, most people get their brows done in a spa setting, so you’ll be laying down, listening to relaxing music, and may even drift off as you won’t feel a thing. 

They Are An Investment 

As with any cosmetic procedure, microblading is semi permanent, meaning you will need touch-ups. You’ll have your initial appointment where you meet with your service provider, and you’ll get your brows put on – this is a time investment of around three hours, and your service will run anywhere from $500 to $1000. So, the initial cost is high. However, when you think of the time and money saved from not having to do your brows again, you’ll likely appreciate the money spent, not to mention having the eyebrows of your dreams that don’t wash off at the end of the day! 

They Require Virtually Zero Maintenance 

The great thing about cosmetic services is you look polished and put together with zero effort after getting them. Microblading is no exception. After your initial appointment, you will have a follow-up appointment in approximately a month after your eyebrows have healed, and your provider will touch up any areas that need perfecting. After your first two appointments, it’s up to you how often you want them touched up. Some people like them bold and big, so they go annually; others may not want a touch-up for several years. The choice is yours based on the results you’re looking for.

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Results Take Time 

Just as with Botox, you’ll have to wait for a little over a week to get your final results. On the day of your appointment, your brows will be perfect, just what you wanted. Over the next ten days, they will change by appearing lighter, and then some dry skin will flake off, and then they will be set around the ten to fourteen-day mark. Make sure you follow the aftercare instructions your esthetician gives you the same as if you had laser skin resurfacing. But, after your two weeks, you’re going to love your new brows and the confidence they bring. 


If you’re the type that likes to save time and ultimately money, is microblading worth and is likely an excellent choice for you. Not to mention, they bring a level of self-confidence, and who doesn’t want to feel more confident every day? If you’ve been debating on whether or not to take the plunge, it’s worth it to research providers in your area and at least book a consultation. Here’s to you, and you deserve it!

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