Revamping For Fall: What You Should Know

Revamping For Fall: What You Should Know

During the summer, it’s pretty laid-back and easy to establish a beauty regimen. Most women adopt a wash-and-go, flip-flops, tank tops, and shorts routine, with very little makeup and fragrances that are light and floral.

Let’s face it, who has time for full makeup during the summer months? That routine seems to change when the pumpkin spice flavors emerge and the smell of burning leaves fills the air. Even those natural tips you use to improve your skin and hair need a bit of tweaking when the fall season begins.

So, how do you switch up your routine when summer fades into fall? If you’re unsure, we’ll give you a few of our favorite fall beauty tips below.

Check Your Products

One of the best ways to switch up your routine for fall is to check the products you use on your face and skin. For example, when was the last time you checked the perfume ingredients in your favorite scents? Of course, you’re going to change out your signature scent for something a little heavier and woodsier for the autumn season, but what if you need to change to a more natural perfume as well?

The same holds for the skincare products you use. Do you know the ingredients in your moisturizers, lotions, and even the makeup you use every day? There are better options out there for sure.

Change Your Diet

There are also a few changes you can make to your diet that will help your fall beauty routine as well. Usually, by the end of summer, people are depending more on fast food and quick dinners than they are on home-cooked meals and healthy choices. All of these options aren’t good for your skin or your beauty routine.

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After all, who wants to cook during the summer? It’s just way too hot. Fall, on the other hand, is the perfect time to switch up your diet. Change that unhealthy cereal for oatmeal, and forgo McDonald’s for sticking something healthy and nourishing in the crockpot before heading to work in the mornings. It’s a whole lot better for you, and your skin will thank you for it as well.

Up Your Hydration

It may be cooler outside, but your skin still depends on you being hydrated to stay glowing and healthy. The cold can lead to dehydration and dry skin, just as the summer heat and humidity can. As summer fades into fall, go ahead and increase your hydration. Drink more water and stay away from beverages that are high in sugar and carbonated.

Juices and water are your best choices as the weather cools.

Don’t Forget the Body Lotion

The chilly breezes of autumn and the winter winds can do a number on your skin, leaving it itchy, dry, and unbearable. Start using body lotion every day once the weather starts to change to keep your skin moist, soft, and feeling great. Also, while exfoliating is excellent during the summer, it’s best to cut back on it in the colder season as well.

Replenish Your Wardrobe

When it comes to beauty, your wardrobe for fall is extremely important as well. Put away all the flip-flops, lightweight blouses, and shorts in favor of hoodies, blue jeans, and some fashionable dresses, and you’ll be set to take the autumn season by storm.

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These are just a few tips to help you switch out your beauty routine as summer turns into fall. The chillier days renew everyone’s energy, so follow the tips above so you, your skin, and your wardrobe are ready for those crisp autumn days as well. 

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