How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

In this eat and run, huge portion serving culture, it is almost impossible for most people to keep a healthy weight. Losing excess weight is even harder. If you have tried with no success, you probably think diet is not the best way to keep a healthy weight.

You may be right: there are diets that do not really work and there are none that help everyone the same way. Each person responds differently to the diet.

Although there is no quick fix to weight loss, there are measures you can adapt to maintain a healthy relationship with the food you eat. Only then will you be able to control emotional triggers that lead you to overeat. Here are some of the weight loss strategies that work.

Cut down on Calories

Most experts agree that for you to manage your body weight successfully, you should reduce your calorie intake and burn more than you consume. It sounds easy, which makes you wonder why some people find it hard to lose weight.

Well, weight loss is not particularly linear with time. Cutting down on calories may cause you to lose weight at the start.

At some point, you will realize that you eat the same amount of calories but you lose less or no weight at all. The reason is that losing calories also causes your body to lose lean tissue and water. For you to lose weight consistently, you need to continue reducing your calorie intake.

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Cut down on your curbs

An alternative way of looking at weight loss is not to consider the calories you consume but the way your body stores fat once you eat carbs. When you consume any meal with carbohydrates, it enters your bloodstream in the form of glucose.

In order for your blood glucose under control, the body uses this glucose before moving to body fat.

When you consume something like pasts or bread, insulin is released into your bloodstream to act on all that glucose. Insulin prevents the body from releasing any body fat and create additional fat cells to store even more body fat. This causes you to gain weight.

Therefore, it is better to substitute carbs with healthy fat or protein; otherwise, carbs can have a detrimental effect on your health.

Cut down on your fat

Fat is common in almost every diet. If you are weight conscious or prefer to maintain a healthy weight, stay away from fat. Unfortunately, whenever you walk into any grocery store, you will come across low-fat foods.

Although low-fat options are quite common, so have global obesity rates. Low-fat diets do not work for most people because not all fat is bad.  Healthy fat can help you keep your weight in check. In fact, fat from foods like tofu or avocado can make it easy for you to improve the quality of your meals.

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Control stress eating

Some people do not eat to mollify hunger. In most cases, people turn to food because they are anxious or stressed, which can lead to weight gain. If you are the type of person who eats when bored, lonely or worried, then you are stress eating.

If you tend to eat when stressed, you need to find healthier alternatives that can calm you down. You can try meditation, yoga or take a hot bath. Whenever you feel low on energy, find healthier pick me ups like going for a walk, taking a nap or dancing to music. In case boredom kicks in, find your friends and spend time with them or take your dog out for a walk.

Try mindful eating

Avoid eating when working, driving or watching TV. It is very easy for you to overeat. Instead, be attentive when eating. Consume your meal slowly, and be sure to savor every texture and smell of the food you are eating. In case your mind ambles away, gently bring back your attention to the food in hand and its taste.

Final Word

Losing weight hard enough, keeping a leaning body is even harder. That said, you should not be discouraged. You only need to find a way to lose weight that works. Thereafter, keeping your weight down will not be difficult at all. The strategies we have listed will help you shed weight and keep a lean and healthy body for good.

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