Verification via SMS without a phone? A virtual number is your answer

Verification via SMS without a phone? A virtual number is your answer

The definition of a virtual number? These are the numbers generated by service providers that get them through specific hardware and software. Using virtual phone numbers you will need neither an email address nor a personal phone number every time you want to register on any website or online forum. It is an opportunity to privately sign up and not put your personal information at risk.

A complicated registration process is a thing that stops many people from using online services since they have to expose their personal numbers.

Security of a Virtual Number

Virtual email addresses that are offered by some startups are less secure compared to virtual numbers since these disposable emails are not password-protected.

If you want more secure registration, use virtual numbers that will help you to receive text messages via computer instead of one-off emails.

Security breaches happen quite often, with spammers, fishers and other conmen trying to steal the people’s personal information on the internet. There’s a growing number of users who choose virtual numbers to mitigate the risk of losing their valuable data. When registering via a virtual number you can put aside your personal number that you use in your day-to-day life.

Using a virtual number online you can register on any website or instant messaging app, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, or Line.

The best way to use virtual numbers

OnlineSIM is a reliable source of receiving SMS online. You don’t even have to confirm your registration on its website, it’s enough to enter an email and your account is ready to use. OnlineSIM service was developed for clients who want to avoid using their personal numbers for registration on social media and other online platforms.

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You don’t have to buy another SIM-card, because you can get an individual number in the account on OnlineSIM platform. There you can also see SMS messages with activation codes.

If for whatever reason you don’t get a text message in your account, you can order another phone number to replace the one you use. There are various reasons for not receiving text messages, for example, the sender’s website may delay with sending or the number you use is crashed.

If you’d like to test virtual numbers, there’s a list of free disposable ones to receive an SMS online. These digits are publicly accessed, so other people could have already used them on some sites before. But unlike other providers, OnlineSIM updates its list of free numbers on an everyday basis.

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