Are Contractor SEO Services Essential for Growing Your Business?

Are Contractor SEO Services Essential for Growing Your Business?

If you rely on a website for leads and potential clients, contractor SEO services are vital for your business! Simply creating and publishing a website are not enough to ensure high-quality leads for your business, or to guarantee that potential clients will even find that site.

To ensure you’re growing your contractor business and don’t lose high-quality leads to a competitor, check out some SEO basics. This information can help you better understand the details involved with a leads generation site. Then, discuss this information with a contractor SEO services company. If you do, you’re sure to see your business take off and your potential leads skyrocket over the years!

What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms, this refers to making search engines more likely to find your website. Consequently, the search engine will then show your site in the list of results when someone searches for a business like yours online.

With this in mind, note some added details that can help break down this process and some SEO terminology:

  • First, note that search engines like Google and Bing don’t understand what someone is searching for online. For instance, if you search “affordable power washing,” Google doesn’t understand what is meant by “power washing” or the term “affordable”!
  • Instead, search engines evaluate how well various sites match words and phrases used by someone searching online. Those terms are called “keywords” or “keyword phrases.”
  • Search engines note how often a site uses those specific keywords. Also, they check if those keywords are associated with a site elsewhere online. For example, another website might use the term “affordable power washing” with a link back to a contractor’s site. Search engines make note of that outside link.
  • In addition to keywords, search engines check a site’s overall page count or content volume. It will also consider how many visitors the site receives and how long they stay at the site.
  • Lastly, search engines note if a site is unfriendly to visitors or contains “spam” or junk content. As an example, using certain keywords too often can make a website seem unfriendly to readers.

How Is Contractor’s Local SEO Different?

While this is SEO in basic terms, note that a contractor’s website is a bit unique! How so? First, consider that most contractors post their address and phone number on their site. Google and other search engines want to ensure that information is legitimate and often have you verify that information using Google My Business! Also, when you have “local” information on your site, it helps your ranking in your specific town or city.

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In turn, it’s vital that a contractor have their address listed on sites other than their own. This can include social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube, or contractor review sites such as Yelp or Angi. When search engines see that address associated with a contractor’s name, they’re more likely to assume it’s legitimate.

Also, consider that people searching for contractors often add their location to their keywords. For instance, rather than just searching for “power washing,” a Tampa area resident might search for “power washing Tampa FL” or “power washing Tampa Bay area.”

Consequently, it’s vital that a contractor ensure their website matches those location keywords. Also, search engines need to see other information on your site that helps verify your location. This can include maps or photos embedded with coordinates of your city.

Why Is SEO Important for Contractors?

Search engine optimization is vital for anyone who relies on a website to find clients or customers! It’s a common misconception that simply publishing a site is all that’s needed to get visitors to your page. However, this simply isn’t how search engines work. They need to see those keywords used in an online search on your website to even find your site in the first place!

Additionally, search engine optimization helps improve a site’s rank. What is meant by this? To help you understand this term, consider the last time you searched for something online. Chances are there were hundreds of websites listed in those results!

Next, consider how likely you were to click through page after page of results when searching. If you’re like most people, you might have browsed no more than the first dozen or so websites listed. It’s essential that anyone with a website ensure their pages are as high on that results list as possible. However, where a website ends up in those results is not due to accident or chance!

A site’s ranking refers to where it falls or ends up in those results. Since many people searching for something online aren’t likely to sift through hundreds or even dozens of sites, it’s vital that your web page rank as high as possible. Search engine optimization not only gets your site found by search engines but helps improve its ranking as well. SEO Best Practices for 2022

These details are all vital for anyone relying on a website for their business. A site with poor ranking might get buried under dozens of competitor sites, if search engines find that site at all! On the other hand, effective SEO can ensure your site is one of the first a potential customer might find when they search for your services.

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How Do I Start SEO?

Since SEO is often more complicated than you might realize, it can be helpful to break this process down in more detail.

Start with quality content

For search engines to find a website, it needs adequate and high-quality content. Content includes pages, blogs, videos, photos, and anything else that promotes your brand. However, it’s vital that this content engages the reader and keeps them on the page! Google and other search engines rank a site higher based on visitor numbers and if visitors stay on a page.

Include local SEO

Since potential clients often search for contractor services in their area, it’s vital that you include local SEO on your page. You can accomplish this by adding the name of a major city near your business to keywords on your page. You might also add Google maps or photos embedded with locations near your business.

Build links back to your site

Links back to your site on other webpages are called backlinks or inbound links. The more of these found by search engines, the more legitimate your site appears! These backlinks also help improve your site’s ranking.

Can I Do SEO On My Own?

It might be tempting to save the cost of contractor SEO services and try to improve your website’s search engine optimization yourself. However, note that creating content, ensuring local SEO, and improving backlinks are all time-consuming tasks. It’s typically better for a contractor to leave this work to an outside team so you can then concentrate on your business itself!

Also, keep in mind that Google and other search engines change how they read websites and their criteria for ranking periodically. Keeping up with those changes and then making necessary edits to your own site is also time consuming.

Contractors should also note that fresh content and new backlinks are also key to ensuring your site stays at the top of those search engine results! You cannot simply publish a website, no matter how high-quality, and assume it will continue to perform effectively month after month.

Additionally, professional contractor SEO service providers know how to create content that converts visitors to clients! A professional website builder can evaluate a site for how user friendly it is and ensure its content impels potential clients to actually pick up the phone and call.

With this in mind, consider investing in contractor SEO services rather than trying to go it alone. You’ll enjoy higher-quality leads and more of them, without investing time best spent servicing your customers!

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