The Journey to The Top of London Fashion Week

The Journey to The Top of London Fashion Week

London fashion week is every designer’s dream. It is a fashion event that has been running for over two decades now. The week provides a platform for designers to show off their collections. The LFW takes place every year, and it tends to raise the bar every time it goes live. Over time, the London fashion week has gathered a lot of audience for itself, and the journey hasn’t been easy. Here is a brief history of the event, and how it became one of the most popular fashion events.

The 1980s

The London Fashion Week was started in 1984 by the British Council Fashion. The council was established in 1983, in the hopes of promoting UK design and fashion. It was the car park of western London that served as the venue of the very first London Fashion Week.

The very first London Fashion Week was only a glimpse of what it is today. In 1984, there were only 15 catwalk shows from 25 designers. The event was held inside tents, and there were a few people who came to watch. However, the British Government realized the potential the fashion week possessed, and subsequently decided to fund them. Since then, the London fashion week has been progressing and expanding.

Beginnings are difficult, and so is the road to success. It wasn’t easy for the LFW to have become what it is today, but there have been countless guests who stand as proof of its success. Over the years, the event has witnessed Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, and Margaret Thatcher, making the event shine with its presence. However, it doesn’t just stop there.

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The 1990s and 2000s

Despite being the youngest of the biggest fashion weeks, the LFW has never backed down from proving itself. As the years have progressed, fashion week has caught the eyes of designers from all over the globe. The London fashion week, which was held last year, witnessed a crowd of 100,000.

In 2020, 250 designers showed up to give the world a taste of their creations. Many well-known models took the runway, amounting to 72 catwalk shows. If you think those numbers were huge, you are in for a treat. The show was so great that it generated sales exceeding 100 million Euros.

With all those stats, you can guess how much the event has grown. The event is now held at The Store X on the Strand in London. Anyone who visits the event, always witnesses something new, as the creators keep trying to put out something that hasn’t been done before. Moreover, you can easily spot some of the most famous faces sitting in the crowd.

The 2000s witnessed a huge growth of the internet. Thus, digitization was also introduced to the week. For 2021, the week will be hosted in February, with all the pandemic restrictions kept in mind. The sale of tickets will be made online, along with the exhibitions. The orders will be taken online through virtual showrooms. Thus, it is safe to say no one can bring the London Fashion Week down; not even a pandemic.

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