What Is the Value of Silver Jewelry?: A Guide for Finically Savvy Fashionistas

What Is the Value of Silver Jewelry?: A Guide for Finically Savvy Fashionistas

Are you interested in buying or selling silver jewelry? Entering the jewelry market also allows you to remain current on the latest jewelry trends. Many investors enter the silver jewelry market to generate a stable income source.

What is the value of silver?

The value depends on market conditions. As of 2020, the price of silver is $27 per ounce. Per gram, the price is $0.87.

The price also varies on weight, condition, and age. The brand will also dictate the price, including the intricacy behind the piece.

Above all, the most important factor is the amount of silver within the jewelry. Expensive jewelry will contain more silver, and cheaper options contain other metals.

This article will provide an in-depth look at the value of silver jewelry. Let’s explore.

What is the Value of Silver Jewelry?

If talking about alloy silver, the jewelry can range from $20 to over $500. The value depends on the type of alloy in your jewelry. In general, silver jewelry comprises silver alloys that harden the silver.

Pure silver is a soft metal, forcing manufacturers to add alloys to strengthen it. Otherwise known as sterling silver, it usually contains other metals such as copper or zinc.

In general, sterling silver is 92.5% silver, which is why you’ll notice ‘925’ on the jewelry pieces. This means the remaining 7.5% of the jewelry must contain another metal. Additionally, sterling can be above 92.5%, but the amount cannot fall below the threshold.

You may see other labels, such as ‘800’, indicating the jewelry is 80% silver. You’ll normally see the 800-label attached to silverware.

The label ‘500’ shows the piece comprises 50% silver. The 500 alternative is a good choice for the budget-minded consumer. However, be wary of disreputable merchants who may try to market 500 jewelry as something higher.

  • Note: Sterling-plated jewelry is misleading. This is jewelry containing plated silver. Designed to look fancier, sterling-plated jewelry is usually costume jewelry.

On the other hand, a label that says ‘999’ denotes jewelry that’s 99.9% silver. Since pure silver is softer, it’s prone to scratches and damage.

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However, pure silver doesn’t tarnish when you expose it to moisture or air. Conversely, sterling silver jewelry is prone to tarnishing due to the other metallic compositions contained within.

To maintain sterling jewelry, polish it regularly. Moreover, you can repair or replace the sterling variety more easily than the pure option.

The Rare Find of Pure Jewelry

Since most jewelers infuse other metals into silver jewelry to make it stronger, pure silver is a rare find on the market.

With that, there are exceptions. For instance, you’ll find undiluted silver in intricate pieces. Further, loose bracelets, chains, and collars normally contain pure silver.

Despite the pureness level, sterling jewelry and fine jewelry aren’t too far apart when it comes to pricing. Many prefer sterling because it’s more manageable, and it includes some of the latest designs.

Sterling Silver

Even though sterling isn’t fine silver, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something cheaper and versatile. Overall, sterling never goes out of fashion.

You’ll find a wide array of minerals and gemstones incorporated into sterling jewelry. Plus, the gemstones determine the value of the jewelry

Sterling jewelry pieces are great spring or summer accessories, and you can find new designs each season. The durability of the sterling allows jewelers to get bold and creative, producing unique designs that draw out your individuality.

Silver Testing

To test the value of the jewelry, jewelers shave off a piece of silver and dip it in an acid solution. If the color changes, then it’s less than sterling silver. A jeweler has the necessary tools and equipment to test the jewelry effectively.

However, you have options when testing silver purity. If you’re not keen on the acid method, you can apply the ice cube test.

Silver is a natural heat conductor and will melt ice faster than other metals. Copper is the second-best heat conductor. To commence the ice cube test, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Obtain ice. You can use any type of ice, but smaller ones are easier.
  2. Obtain a comparable metal, such as nickel or iron. Make sure the second item isn’t made of silver.
  3. Test in a room-temperature area.
  4. Place the cube on each item.
  5. Watch closely as the two items melt the cubes. True silver should melt the cube completely before the other item. If they melt at the same time, the silver is fake.
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You can also smell the jewelry to see if it contains a metallic odor. Sterling silver shouldn’t contain an odor. If it does, it may be plated silver. A metallic smell indicates another metal (i.e. copper).

Jeweler Research

Jewelers are useful because you can trade your old jewelry and procure the latest designs. However, many disreputable merchants are looking to take advantage of consumers.

That’s why it’s important to know the value of silver before selling or buying it. First, look into the jeweler’s reputation by reading online reviews. In addition to positive reviews, many trustworthy shops have been in business for generations.

Also, go to the websites, and search for physical addresses. Established jewelers have an online presence and a physical presence.

If you don’t know where to begin, go to www.WholesaleSparkle.com.

What is the Value of Silver Overall?

If you want to know, “What is the value of silver?”, the value of silver depends on the condition and the composition of the silver. You can find pricier silver jewelry that’s 99.9% silver, but they are harder to find.

Other factors, such as the market value and the weight, will determine the price. In addition, be cautious of plated silver that mimics genuine silver jewelry.

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