Complete Hijabi Guide to Packing this Summer

Complete Hijabi Guide to Packing this Summer

Vacations, as ironic as this may sound, can be a lot of work. For a hijabi and to fit her lifestyle this work can get even more stressful but don’t you worry, we have the complete guide for all the hijabis planning a stress-free vacation.

Travelling brings along the worries of packing. Unless you have a fortune that you intend to buy everything you need on your destination, you will have to plan and pack according to your requirements and take along things that you will need on your trip.

Pack your carry-on smartly!

If you are traveling for long hours and won’t have your luggage close by for the whole duration of the travel, then keep an extra set of clothing in your carry on. But with that, also make sure that you keep an extra scarf and lots of pins safely secured in your bag’s pocket, you don’t want to lose hijab pins. Also, this goes without saying, keep extra sanitary pads and undergarments in case your periods decide to surprise you.

The Bathrooms!

If you are staying at a hotel while on a vacation, then make sure to find one with separate bathrooms for men and women, because it gets really difficult to keep the head covering for a complete 24 hours. Also, make sure you do Wuzu/Ablution before you leave your place of stay so even if you encounter gender neutral bathrooms while exploring your vacation destination, you don’t have to worry about wuzu.

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Travel tips for hijabis

There are some hijabis are expert at packing and have loads of fun while traveling. There are other hijabis who always forget to pack essential items and frustrate when traveling. Here are some travel tips for hijabis that can make your travel stress-free:

  • Always leave duplicates of your travel documents in case you accidentally lose the original ones and are left stranded somewhere.
  • If travel sickness is part of your nature, carry medicines (doctor prescribed ones only) with you.
  • Also, pack a du’a booklet or pamphlet with Duas and Quranic verses to spend a soulful time during the journey.
  • Carry your hijab pins and accessories in a Ziplocked bag so you find everything you need in one place; no need to dig into deepest parts of your luggage.
  • Select headscarves of multi-color or neutral colors that work fine with most attire.
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Pack lightly

Being a hijabi, we need to carry extra items that non-hijabis do not carry with them. No need to pack all your favorite hijabs, you can always play around with combinations and mix it up with different tops for a fresh look every day.

Unless you are going to stay in the same place for a long time, no need to carry loads of stuff with you. Heaps of baggage will keep you occupied and become a burden for taking care; you will be busy with taking care of your luggage instead of enjoying your travel time.

Try to pack as lightly and smartly as possible. Pack one plain hijab, one or two pinless hijab and a floral one – these will serve all your hijab’s needs. Choose headscarf colors that work well with any outfit; convenient color choices for hijabi travelers are skin and white, black and blue can also serve the purpose, brown or grey can also be used.

Pinless hijabs for traveling

Bokitta is a brand that produces patented pinless hijabs. Bokitta is the perfect brand for modern traveling hijabis. Pinless trendy headscarves can bring confidence and lots of ease when you are traveling as a hijabi.

Pinless scarves are a perfect choice since you do not have to worry about maintaining a perfect hijab look with this variety. Bokitta is famous for its pin-less scarves since they are totally easy-to-wear and become essential for anyone who is traveling.

Bokitta is the first shop to come up with pinless hijabs to take away all headache of pins. Once you have tried pinless headscarves, they will inevitably become your preferred hijab choice.

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Packing guide for summer travel

Get a ziplock pack to carry your abaya, headscarves, and accessories; try to keep items that you will wear together in a single bag so that you do not have to look for them later. This will lead to an organized packing to find what you need easily. Suit hangers can also be used for abayas to keep them straight and crease-free. Do not carry a lot of shoes; pack one or two comfortable pair of shoes. You might also be shopping at the travel destination.

Packing can be stressful for a hijabi. Start organizing your outfits and see which thing goes well with what outfit. Have a happy journey to all hijabi sisters!

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