5 Halloween Party Dress up Themes to Scare and Bedazzle This Halloween Season

5 Halloween Party Dress up Themes to Scare and Bedazzle This Halloween Season

Halloween isn’t just a holiday for kids to dress up and gorge on candy. In fact, more than 172 million Americans celebrate the holiday, which means that a fair share of adults get in on the fun.

One popular way to bring in the spooky season is with a party. But before you can host your own, you’ll need to decide on a theme for your event.

Keep reading to learn 5 Halloween party dress up themes that will help inspire your next celebration!

1. Pumpkins Everywhere

Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkins. Carved, painted, or left whole, pumpkins are an easy decoration that will immediately put your guests in the right mood.

If you’re looking for more activities to entertain your guests besides eating and drinking, you can even hold a pumpkin carving contest. Just be sure to stick to small pumpkins to minimize the mess and make clean up easier!

2. Skulls and Bones

If you’re looking for a Halloween party theme that can be both classic and unique, look no further.

Theming your party around skulls and bones makes decorating a breeze. Get creative with your use of skull decor, choosing food bowls and other containers shaped like skulls.

Your guests could keep it classic with some Badass Jewelry, or get colorful with masks inspired by Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. The latter makes for more colorful party decor as well.

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3. White Out

This theme can be paired with the previous one to give it a spookier atmosphere.

Start with all-white decors, like lanterns, skulls, white pumpkins, etc. Then, ask that your guests follow the theme by dressing in white. As far as Halloween party outfits go, they can get creative with ball gowns and masquerade dresses, skeleton costumes, and more.

This theme might seem simple, but the effect is endlessly luxurious. If you’re looking to take some incredible photos of your big bash, this theme is certain to make them stand out.

4. Horror Movies

If you and your friends love a good horror flick, why not theme an entire evening around them?

Set up a projector and a sheet in your backyard, and you have an instant movie theater to play your favorite horror movies on. Your guests can even dress up as their favorite horror movie stars.

5. Halloween Brunch

If spooky isn’t your scene, that last theme might not be the right choice. On the opposite end of the scary spectrum, you could host a Halloween brunch instead. Guests can still dress up, but they might choose more stylish and less bloody outfits.

You can fill a menu with classic Fall staples or creative mix-ups, like pumpkin pie mimosas or apple cider punch.

Choosing the Right Halloween Party Dress Up Themes

Now that you have a few ideas for Halloween party dress-up themes, it’s time to choose the right one for your next ghoulish get-together!

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