Washing Ourselves Clean: Finding Affordable Sustainable Clothing

Washing Ourselves Clean: Finding Affordable Sustainable Clothing

Did you know that most people want to buy sustainable clothing? You should consider changing up your shopping brands and shop for ethical clothes.

Are you wondering how to find affordable sustainable clothing? Not to worry. In this guide, we’ll go over how to find ethical fashion brands.

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Learn More About Your Favorite Brands and Discover New Companies

Look up some of your top brands to learn more about their sustainability and ethics approach.

Find out information about how much they pay workers and where the clothing gets made. You’ll also want to find out how the working conditions are inside the factories.

If the information isn’t listed on the website of the brand, you can use other resources. Better World Shopper provides data to help rate companies. You can learn more about the company’s community involvement.

You can find out if they focus on animal welfare and social justice. All this information will get narrowed down to a letter grade between A to F.

Another place to check out is the Good Shopping Guide. On this site, you can find the ratings for companies.

The breakdown for the score considers environmental concerns, and people and animal welfare. You will learn what brands are the worst offenders.

Look for These Labels When Shopping

When you’re shopping for new clothes, look for fair trade labels like Fair Trade Certified. From this label, you will know that the company has an ethical and environmental focus.

Keep an eye out for USDA Organic. The fibers in these clothing items were grown without fertilizer or chemical pesticides. Yet, toxic chemicals may have gotten used in the finishing process.

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Clothing made of 95 % organic fiber can use the Global Organic Textile Standard label. No chemicals or toxic dyes can get used during the processing.

Clothing that does get labeled as made with organic must have 70 % organic fibers. Companies must reduce pollution and waste. They also need to meet international labor standards for their factories.

Clothing labeled with bluesign must meet environment, health, and worker friendliness standards. The bluesign technologies group stays involved from the beginning to the end. They have strict chemical safety regulations for textiles.

If you find clothes that have the label American Made, the product is more sustainable.

Manufacturers have to follow US laws for health, pollution, and workplace safety. The carbon footprints lower because clothing doesn’t have to get shipped over.

A union label means that the clothing became created by unionized workers. The workers can negotiate with management for excellent working conditions and better wages.

Buy From Local Artists

Do you like going to farmers’ markets? Look for handmade clothing sold by craftspeople. You can buy your clothes from the person who made them and support their local business.

Look for handmade garments at craft fairs, flea markets, and Etsy. Ask them for recommendations on different clothing products. A sewist might know someone who makes purses or bags.

Learn more about carbon neutrality and how it connects to buying new shoes.

Try Slow Fashion

Are you on a tight clothing budget? Consider buying a few quality pieces each year that are a little pricier. You want to buy items that are high-quality because they will last longer.

When you try slow fashion, you will aim to stick with your clothing items for a long time. As your taste in clothing changes, it can become challenging to stick to this practice. Try your best by picking up quality clothing items.

Take some time and think about your style. What kind of clothing items can you imagine wearing for a long time? Start with the basics like a reliable pair of blue and black jeans, boots, and a multi-purpose coat.

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If a zipper breaks or the soles of your shoes break down, consider getting them repaired. In the past, you may have been ready to toss them and buy new ones.

Shop During the Off-Season

There are ways to buy ethical clothing at a lower price. Consider shopping during their off-season. If you want to get a new bathing suit, shop around during January. Pick up a few new winter pieces in April. Make the most of off-season prices.

Buy Used Clothing

If you want to buy ethical clothing and are on a budget, consider buying secondhand pieces. New materials aren’t needed for used clothing. Water, energy, and toxic chemicals aren’t used during this process.

You will reduce the amount of clothing waste heading to landfills. Most used clothing tends to be cheaper, as well.

Head to your local thrift store. You can go to fancy consignment stores or local charity stores. Check out these shops often to find clothing pieces in your size.

On the weekends, look for local garage or yard sales. Most garage sales have clothing listed at a low price.

If you’re looking for specific ethical clothing brands, consider searching online. You can shop on eBay or check out Facebook Marketplace.

If you want to pass on some of your older clothing, consider hosting a clothing swap with friends and family. You can refresh your wardrobe and pass on clothing items.

Now You Know More About Affordable Sustainable Clothing

We hope you found this guide on ethical clothes helpful. Find affordable sustainable clothing by shopping during the off-season and buying secondhand.

Keep browsing our other helpful resources and save our site so you can return later.

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