Reasons Why You Might Need a Talent Agent

Reasons Why You Might Need a Talent Agent

If you love acting and want to pursue a career as a film or television actor, you may want to consider getting an agent. Ultimately, all the hard work of finding acting jobs is going to be up to you, and it is a very hard path to take that may or may not lead to success. Here are a few reasons why you might consider hiring an agent.

They Negotiate for You

One thing is that it is important to hire an experienced agent if you are going to work with one. Their chief responsibility is going to be negotiating contracts for you after you have successfully landed an acting job. Going with someone who has a lot of previous experience dealing with the studios, like David Guillod, is important because they will be able to negotiate the best terms and the best pay for you. After all, they are going to charge you 10% of everything you make, so they want you to make as much as possible so they get a nicer payday as well.

They Have Connections

Another reason you may want to consider getting a talent agent is that they probably have a lot of connections that could lead to important information. Everyone has access to the trade magazines that advertise auditions for TV, movie, or commercial roles, but your agent might have access to that sort of info before anybody else, or know about special roles that aren’t advertised to just anyone. Having a well-connected agent can be crucial to landing work sometimes.

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They Are There for You

Honestly, acting is a nasty business that can make or break you as a human being. Actors get rejected around 40 times for every acting gig they actually land. Having an agent, someone who is on your side encouraging you to not give up is invaluable.

Although you don’t need an agent to succeed in the world of acting, there are benefits to having one. He or she just might be the extra bit of motivation that you really needed.

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