What is the towing capacity of the Peugeot Expert Van?

What is the towing capacity of the Peugeot Expert Van?

Although vans are not often the first thing to come to mind when looking for a towing vehicle, the Peugeot Expert Van is a great choice for a reliable towing vehicle with the added benefit of a spacious interior for more carrying capability.

The newest Peugeot Expert Van which was launched earlier this year, is available in two lengths (standard and long-body) and has a manual or automatic transmission options. Depending on the variant, the van has a 1000-1300kg payload, meaning it can carry over a tonne in passengers and cargo within the van itself. Braked towing capacity for the different variants ranges between 1500kg and 2200kg.

Towing with a van: what to know

If you’re new to towing, all the terms and requirements can be overwhelming but it’s important to get them right for your safety and to make sure you’re obeying the law. Don’t stress, below we will explain the most important things for you to know about towing with the Peugeot Expert Van.

Terms you need to know:

  • Payload – the maximum weight a vehicle can carry in passengers and cargo
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – the maximum a vehicle should weigh when fully loaded with maximum payload, all fluids and accessories
  • Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) – the maximum weight of a trailer including its maximum payload, separate from a vehicle
  • Tow bar download (TBD) – the maximum weight a tow bar can safely take. Typically around 10% of the GTM

Vehicles are given an official towing capacity by the manufacturer. This number refers to the maximum ATM a vehicle can pull while still being stable and running efficiently. The towing capacity can usually be found in the owner’s manual. Be sure to read the recommended safety guides before attempting to tow.

Often you will get a figure for ‘braked towing capacity’ and a different figure which represents ‘unbraked towing capacity’. ‘Braked towing capacity’ refers to the total weight of a trailer and its payload when the trailer has its own brakes.

Conversely, ‘unbraked towing capacity’ refers to towing a trailer that does not have its own brakes. The unbraked towing capacity is usually much lower than the braked towing capacity since a vehicle that does not have its own brakes will have to absorb a lot of the braking force.

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One more number you must consider is the tow ball download (TBD) or tow ball loading factor. This refers to how much downward force a tow ball can withstand without causing the front wheels of the vehicle to have too small weight on them. If front wheels do not have enough weight on them, it will affect the vehicle’s steering and braking abilities.

When figuring out if you can tow a particular trailer with the Peugeot Expert Van, you must first find out its ATM which is dependant on the variant you have. You must also consider whether the trailer has its own brakes, and find out the TBD.

If you need advice about this, speak to our team at Perth City Peugeot to see what the Expert Van is capable of.

Towing capacity of Expert Van variants

The braked capacity for the Peugeot Expert Van varies from 1500kg to 2200kg, depending on the variant. The variant with the biggest capacity is the 180 HDI Long body van with automatic transmission. All variants have an unbraked capacity of 750kg.

The chart below compares the braked capacity of all variants, from highest to lowest.

  • 2.0 180 HDI Long Automatic 2200kg
  • 1.6 115 HDI Standard Manual 1800kg
  • 2.0 150 HDI Standard Manual 1500kg
  • 2.0 150 HDI Long Automatic 1500kg
  • 2.0 150 HDI Standard Automatic 1500kg

Is the Peugeot Expert Van good for towing?

Although the best vehicles for towing tend to be 4X4 utes or wagons, some vans have a decent towing capacity and can be a great choice for the right job.

While having a braked towing capacity between 1500 and 2200kg, the 2019 Peugeot Expert Van has the added advantage of a spacious interior that can keep cargo secure. Powered by an all-diesel drivetrain line-up, it is capable of up to 135kW and 400Nm of torque.

If you are looking for a van that can tow and also has ample space inside for equipment, the Peugeot Expert van is a good choice. All models have 1258mm width between wheel arches, so they will comfortably fit an Australian pallet. The inside height is 1397mm, meaning it is spacious enough to fit a variety of equipment. You can access the inside via two sliding doors and a barn doors in the rear, making loading easy and accessible.

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While towing, you can expect a pleasurable drive. The Peugeot Expert Van is built with the EMP2 base which is well known for making Peugeot cars lighter, safer and smoother to drive. The EMP2 has been shown to reduce fuel consumption and makes for a more affordable vehicle than rivals.

Keep yourself safe while towing

The standout feature of the Peugeot Expert Van compared to rival towing vehicles is its advanced safety technology. It is equipped with four airbags, numerous cameras to assist with parking, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and automatic safety brake.

The Active Safety Brake automatically brakes if a collision is imminent. Using radar and cameras, the system is able to detect objects that pose a risk, and prevent or reduce the damage from a collision.

Additionally, the newest Peugeot Expert Van comes with an automatic switch beam which switches the beams from main to dipped as appropriate. When the van’s camera system detects other vehicles on the road, the function is activated and automatically changes the beam function.

The Peugeot Expert Van is one of the best choices on the market for its multiple airbags. There are two in the front and two on the side to ensure both driver and front passenger will be protected in a collision in the circumstances the other safety features cannot prevent it.

Buying a Peugeot Expert van

If you are considering the Peugeot Expert Van, why not check out what it has to offer in person? At Perth City Peugeot, our friendly team would love to show you through the many features that make the Expert Van a reliable vehicle for all trades.

To book a test drive, or find out more about the Expert Van, call us today on 08 9460 5731. Or come in and say hello: you’ll find us at 501 Albany Highway, Victoria Park.

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