Proper Carpet Cleaning Steps

Proper Carpet Cleaning Steps

Everybody loves to move on smooth, clean, and comfy carpets. Nobody likes to carry on a rug that is full of dust and dirt. Carpets occupy a significant portion of our house. Let’s learn some proper carpet cleaning steps.

These carpets are in constant contact with our feet. Whenever we move on these carpets, whether barefoot or with slippers, we bring dust and dirt with us. This dust and dirt keep on accumulating on the carpet over time. The rug gets dirty if you have pets in your house. Pet hairs also accumulate in the carpet.

Over time your carpet also gets spots which is another nightmare. They look so ugly, and on the top, it is so challenging to remove them. Today, we would like to share the step-by-step process of carpet cleaning:

1) Inspection before Cleaning

Initially, one should inspect the condition of the carpet before cleaning it. It should include looking for potential for stains and spots on it. This inspection will help you in identifying the desired process for cleaning the carpet.

If you hire a residential carpet cleaning service, they will conduct a thorough inspection and give you the results.

2) Pre-Vacuuming

After inspection, you can vacuum the carpet properly. Deep cleaning of the rug is essential to remove all the bugs, dust, and dirt from the carpet. Your home vacuum cleaner is not capable of pulling this dust and dirt.

It would help if you had a steam vacuum cleaner for this purpose. You can hire a residential carpet cleaning service if you do not have this type of vacuum cleaner.

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3) Relocating the Furniture

You must relocate your furniture such as bed, sofas, tables so that you can remove the dust and dirt present under them. Handle the furniture carefully. This work is very exhausting. Thus, you should hire a professional carpet cleaning service to take the utmost care of your furniture.

4) Pre-Spraying the carpet

Apply the pre-carpet as it will cut off the heavy soil area and will help in better cleaning of the spots on the carpet. The pre-spray reduces the efforts and makes the process faster.

You can hire a residential carpet cleaning as they know material-specific agents for your carpets.

5) Pre-Spot removal

Removing the spots is challenging. Many times spot even become permanent, and they may never come out. Pre-Spot removal dealing with such sites. Applying a specific type of solution may help remove the spots or make the areas light enough that they are not visible properly.

6) Grooming the carpet

After spraying and spot removal, it is essential to remove the soil entrap in the carpet. It would help if you eliminated dust; the soil particles must be loose; thus, grooming will help.

7) Extracting the soil and rinsing

After the pre-treatment of the carpet, you need to extract all the particles of the soil. To remove the dirt, you must use a potent cleaning agent that removes the soil. Keep in mind that the cleaning agent must not stick. If possible, hire a residential carpet cleaning agent as they have the right expertise in the field.


8) Post-Spot treatment

If, after this treatment, if any stain remains, then you can use another potent spot removal agent. You should also apply a carpet protector so that your carpet does no develops permanent stains and has a longer life.

9) Post-Grooming of the carpet

Once the cleaning is over, you should groom the carpet once again so that the pile of carpet dries faster and it aligns in the correct position. It also adds texture to your carpet.

10) Drying the carpet

The last step of the process is letting the carpet dry. To ensure faster drying, steam vacuum the carpet as it does not leave much moisture behind.

Last few words!

Follow these steps, and your carpet will look clean and new. You can hire professional carpet cleaning services to handle the situation in a better way for you.

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