How Sustainable Clothing Comfortable Healthy Babies

How Sustainable Clothing Comfortable Healthy Babies

Nothing is as delicate, fragile and sensitive as a baby’s skin, and every parent must protect them from harm. They deserve the best care and products like clothing, especially when they come in contact with the skin for an extended period. There are numerous styles and patterns of cute and fashionable baby clothes available in Australian baby stores. However, many materials and products are manufactured using synthetic, harsh chemicals, pesticides and dyes. When the baby’s skin comes in contact with these chemicals, they tend to develop rashes and allergies. Therefore, trusted baby clothing stores like KIDD & CO deliver baby clothes and products made from sustainable, organic and non-toxic materials, which will protect the baby and the environment from harm.

Why Wearing Organic Clothes Matter More for Babies?

Babies have small body sizes however, they absorb a lot more from the environment, clothing and products they use than adults. As their body resistance is still developing, they are not as capable as adults to break down chemicals and toxins to eliminate the chemicals when the bodies absorb them. Their skin is also delicate and more permeable to absorb chemicals. As a result, babies are more vulnerable to toxins in the clothing material and could develop long-term health issues. It has led to increased awareness among parents about the effectiveness of non-toxic baby products. Organic clothing is manufactured using natural fibres like cotton, muslin, fleece, and wool.

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No Pesticides and Other Chemicals

Everyone loves the feel and texture of cotton. But most mass-produced cotton is heavily sprayed with toxins like permethrin, pesticides and bug sprays to deter insects. Organic baby clothes from shops like KIDD & CO are free from toxicants and other harmful chemicals. Organic baby clothing is also not subjected to post-manufacturing treatment. This not only provides comfort to the parents but also prevents rashes and skin irritation in the baby. It is beneficial, especially for children prone to skin ailments such as eczema.

Skin Friendly Dyes

One of the best features of baby clothes is the diverse colours. They add pleasantness and brightness to baby clothing. Many babies tend to chew on the clothes or rub them in their eyes, resulting in chances of them ingesting the chemicals. With organic fabrics, stores like KIDD & CO only use natural and vegetable dyes to ensure that the baby isn’t in distress under such circumstances.

Comfortable for the Baby

Organic cotton is also a breathable fabric. Therefore, it keeps the tender skin from cracking. They will also feel comfortable at home or playing outside for a long time. Living in the sub-tropical heat of Australia, the material adapts to the condition and helps the kid maintain a healthy body temperature. The organic fabric also wicks away moisture and provides ventilation, making the baby less likely to feel too hot, sweat or develop rashes. The weaves also help retain the warmth in the winter due to insulation. It makes organic fabric clothing the perfect choice for cosy home holidays or island vacations. They are also smooth.

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Highly Durable

When it comes to baby clothing, durability holds the utmost importance. Spit-ups and diaper leakage are normal occurrences with babies, and they ruin the dresses. Most times, parents end up buying new clothes regularly due to these issues. Sustainable clothes can endure such situations as they are robust and last longer. Parents can easily wash them without seeing any indication of stains, wear or tear. After the wash, they look as good as new.                                                   


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