Fashion Tips to Appear Slimmer in Your Formal Dress

Fashion Tips to Appear Slimmer in Your Formal Dress

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We don’t all come in ideal shapes and sizes so for those of us who are gifted with more to love, we usually seek out fashion advice to help us decide on what to wear. Whether it’s for a formal occasion or a casual day out, dressing up in styles and designs that make us look slimmer or highlight all our right curves are greatly appreciated.

So, for those who are in search of ways to look slimmer in a formal dress, here are a few fashion tricks up our sleeves that we wish to share:

1. Choose the colour that best suits your body type.

This tip isn’t just for weightwatchers who want to appear more slender or lighter but this is a reasonable fashion advice that can benefit everyone. Choosing the colour that is the most suitable for your body type is a critical choice if you want to look good in your formal dress.

Dark and bold colours usually make the wearer appear slimmer. However, a caveat for darker colours and their slimming effect is that not all dark colours suit you, so make sure that you choose a colour that flatters your skin tone too.

2. Choose a dress style that creates a beautiful silhouette.

Choosing the right style of dress is important and will help compliment your figure. One particular style that appears to be suitable for majority of body shapes is the A-line dress. Having a fitted top that tapers in at the waist then flares over the hips has a flattering effect on just about any figure. There are varieties of styles for plus size prom dresses that 2019 formal event goers can get at Peaches Boutique that can help render flattering silhouettes to the wearer.

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3. Make sure that your dress fits you properly.

Fashion Tips to Appear Slimmer in Your Formal DressImage Source: Pexels

On top of finding the right colour and style for your formal dress, you need to ensure that what you wear properly fits you. Even the classic black dress can look drab if it is ill-fitting, whether it’s too loose or too tight. So, in order to emphasize your commendable features as well as create a more slender frame for you, find a dress that fits your body snuggly and pair it with a set of comfortable high heels.

4. Wear perfectly fitting undergarments.

Choosing the right style and the right fit will be put to waste if you fail to support these with shoddy underwear. Make sure that you wear a perfectly fitting bra, especially if you are blessed with a large bust. A push up bra helps create an illusion of a slimmer physique by making your body appear more proportioned. Wearing a body shaper or a compression camisole underneath can also help your cause.

5. Wear high heels.

Fashion Tips to Appear Slimmer in Your Formal DressImage Source: Unsplash

Why should you wear high heels? Aside from being naturally a sexy footwear option, wearing this particular shoe style can do wonders in creating an illusion of being slimmer than you actually are. Whether you’re wearing a long dress or a short dress, wearing high heels improves your posture and creates an impression that your legs are longer than they are.

6. Learn about make-up and contouring.

A quick slimming trick that does not require any diet or exercise is by tapping on the magic of make-up and contours. Using make-up to contour the face, such as making the nose appear smaller and the cheekbones higher, creates an immediate slimming effect. You can also use make-up to contour your body. For example, you can use make-up to highlight the collarbone area and make this feature more prominent.

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