Tips to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

Tips to Reduce Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physically and emotionally overwhelming experience for any woman. The body undergoes a lot of changes, and you can’t understand what you are experiencing at times. Add to it mood swings, hunger pangs, emotional upheaval, and that excruciating lower back pain; you are surely in for a ride!

Back pain during pregnancy can make things hard for you. It doesn’t let you sleep or do anything else with concentration, for that matter. If you are also fed up of this pain and looking for some instant relief, you are at the right place. Here we have listed the top seven ways that can help you with that pain –

     1. Prenatal massage – It is good to consult a competent prenatal massage therapist in case you have acute lower back pain. Massage provides instant relief and helps your body relax. Prenatal massage can be beneficial if your back pain has been instigated by muscular clenching. Clenching often irritates the nerves and sends pain signals to the brain, leading to back pain. 

Prenatal massage has a lot of additional advantages for pregnant ladies. It helps them relax and get rid of stress and anxiety for a short period. Prenatal massage feels gentle and soothing. It makes sure that the expecting mother is in an improved state.

However, as every case is different, it is crucial that the patient first consults their doctor before getting started with any massage regime. Apart from that, the massage therapist must be certified for the job and should be a dedicated professional.

     2. Hot and cold treatment – One of the best remedies for excruciating back pain is the application of hot and cold therapy. Applying heat and cold to the back helps alleviate pain. Consult your doctor and get started with putting cold compresses on your back for up to 20 minutes.

You can perform this exercise several times a day using ice cubes wrapped in a piece of cloth. This can be followed by hot treatment after two or three days. An important point to note here is that you are not supposed to apply heat to your abdomen during pregnancy.

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     3. Right posture – The importance of the correct posture must not be underestimated. In fact, we can’t stress it enough how important it is for pregnant ladies to have a proper posture. 

Incorrect posture is one of the leading causes of lower back pain amongst adults. Make sure that you adopt a proper posture while working, sitting, or sleeping. For instance, you should sleep on your side with a pillow between the knees. This will make it easy for your back and alleviate the pain to a large extent. 

In case you are watching TV or doing something else sitting on the desk, try placing a rolled-up towel behind your back for support. You can even rest your feet on another small desk while you do so.

     4. Body pillow for pregnancy – Pregnant ladies can often be heard complaining about insomnia. If you are also having a hard time these days trying to catch some sleep, try using a body pillow for pregnancy. Although you can place the pillow as per your comfort, it is vital to sleep in the correct posture. You can put the pillow between your knees. Use another one under your belly to make sleeping more comfortable.

Apart from a body pillow for pregnancy, it is crucial to have the right mattress. It should not be too hard or firm. It is good to have a mattress that is firm but does not go too hard on your back.

Every case is different. What may work well for a given woman, may not be helpful to another one. Hence, rather than blindly following the recommendations for the best pregnancy body pillow, see what helps you the most.

     5. Exercise – Regular exercise is another easy way to avoid back pain during pregnancy, and also prevent female incontinence which would need Emsella. Exercise helps us maintain a fit body. It strengthens the muscles and drastically increases flexibility, which in turn, helps the spine.

Although pregnant ladies should not indulge in physically demanding exercises, they can give a shot to activities of the sort of walking, swimming, and stationary cycling. The idea is to keep the body moving without indulging into anything that qualifies as physical labor. A certified physical therapist can recommend exercises that can actually help strengthen the back and abdomen.

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In addition to exercises, women can even go for short yoga and meditation sessions. This will helps them relax and improve their mental health. Light yoga postures can be beneficial.

     6. Acupuncture – Acupuncture is an ancient practice used by Chinese practitioners for curing pain. The technique involves the insertion of thin needles into the skin of the patient at specific locations. Acupuncture, if performed under expert supervision, can help relieve lower back pain during pregnancy.

     7. Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy is a standard solution for back pain experienced during pregnancy. The technique involves the manipulation of joints, muscles, and nerve pressure points. Consult a certified physiotherapist before getting started though.   

More than medicines and monthly trips to the gynecologists, pregnancy asks for changes in lifestyle. For instance, pregnant women often get injuries thanks to weak ligaments. It is recommended that all the expecting mothers provide some kind of external support to the muscles.

Apart from that, the mothers must not lift any heavy objects. This will worsen the back pain. Rather than bending at your waist time and again, bend at your knees. Avoid wearing any high heels during pregnancy. Stick to flats or low heels, in case you can’t avoid them altogether.

Furthermore, do not sit in a single posture for a long time. Also, make sure that you don’t wear body-hugging, tight-fitting clothes. Allow some room for air.

Consider sitting on a chair or a desk that provides support to your back. Use a body pillow for pregnancy for additional comfort. You can look for the best pregnancy body pillow online, as per your requirement. In case you have been suffering from severe back pain during pregnancy for more than two weeks, you must see the doctor.

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