How to Do Meditation during Pregnancy

How to Do Meditation during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most essential and delightful phase at which a woman needs to take ultimate care of her own wellbeing along with the new life that stays inside her womb. Expectant women have to tackle a lot of physical and emotional challenges. Thus, all pregnant ladies should embrace a way of life that ensures harmony for the body and mind as well. This is possible when you start eating a proper nutritional diet, practicing meditation and exercises for pregnancy fitness to minimize backaches.

Here are some ways to do meditation during pregnancy which help you find peace and relaxation throughout this exhilarating phase.


Meditation brings concentration and in this manner, it is important to find a comfortable space that is far from the hustle-bustle of loud noises and other likely disturbing places that can break the tranquil state of mind. At that point, first of all, sit on the floor with legs folded inside and focus on an object with your eyes closed peacefully. Usually, individuals focus on their god or their worship place. However, it is simple for expert or professional meditation specialists to concentrate independently of the situation. For beginners, the best asset to accomplish transparency is by picking the ideal location. The chosen area must be free from loud noise, distractions, for example, Mobile Phones, Television, Laptops, Radio and so on.


This step concentrates on your breath and to analyze the pattern you follow. It facilitates muscle pressure, brings down the pulse rate and encourages you to fall asleep easily. You can likewise put your hand on your baby bump to feel the calm rhythmic breathing sound.

Rest with your feet shoulder-width aside. Close your mouth and inhale gradually through the nose. Your stomach ascends as the air goes into the lungs and stomach. Hold for a second and after that breathe out through the nose. From the second trimester or when you begin feeling uncomfortable lying on the back, you can change the meditation position to resting sideways with a soft cushion between your legs.

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Whether the initial couple of steps of meditation during pregnancy has proved to be ineffective, but don’t lose hope and don’t be discouraged. Meditation beginners are probably going to confront a conflict between the brain and the sudden responses to another activity. All necessary things are an ideal opportunity to adjust, which can be effectively outperformed once you enough practiced it without thinking of its benefits or losses.


Walking has been known to help influence labor as it activates contractions. The physical activity of walking becomes a viaduct between meditation and pregnancy. This is because walking meditation does a similar job of preparing the mind as well as the body for labor. Walking meditation means that one must seriously be aware of the process of walking. These include being aware of actions that we take for granted such as foot placement or the wave of the arms.


From transfiguring psychology, to rewiring thought, to upgrading the brain, here’s how meditation dominates depression.

Also, Self-inquiry and related styles of meditation can help you “know yourself.” This can be a starting point for making other positive changes in you. The better focus you can gain through regular meditation may increase memory and mental clarity.

Meditation helps to minimize pregnancy stress as it rarely allows the mind to wander into a sense of hopelessness. This is done by allowing the mind to only focus on reality and not let imagined fears take control of the pregnant mind. Practice meditation during pregnancy to have a smoother and happier pregnancy experience.

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These type of benefits can help fight age-related memory loss and dementia. Meditation develops mental discipline and willpower. It can help you avoid triggers for unwanted impulses. A variety of meditation techniques can help you relax and control the “fugitive” thoughts that can interfere with sleep. This can shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and increase sleep quality. Meditation can also diminish the perception of pain in the brain.

Meditation and exercises for lower back pain during pregnancy not only enhances the ability to concentrate but also assures a safe and healthy pregnancy phase. It also helps to make a pregnant woman stronger both mentally and emotionally. It ensures that a pregnant lady bears pain, which can support her additionally during labor. To practice meditation during pregnancy on your own can be risky, so you must consult an expert for the same. Within a few weeks of meditation during pregnancy, you will easily see the effective benefits along with a confident approach, tolerant & benevolent attitude and greater tenderness.

So all you would be mums out there get ready to meditate during pregnancy the right way!

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