A Quick Look at Some of the Best Refrigerators that You Can Buy in 2019

A Quick Look at Some of the Best Refrigerators that You Can Buy in 2019

Are you all set to bring home a brand new refrigerator? Have you shortlisted some refrigerators? Have you also checked on their features that can suit your needs?

If yes, then you must have seen that the Indian refrigerator market is flooded with so many brands of fridges. There are some established as well as new entrants in the market in the diverse price range. Each one of them is vying to woo the customers with their unique features.

Hence, even if you have shortlisted an item, you may see a new brand launch and may again get confused about which one to buy.

However, when it comes to buying refrigerators, what matters is your needs, budget and brand reliability. Once these parameters match, it may become easier to buy a fridge in India in 2019.

Don’t you have so much time to devote to checking many factors before buying a fridge? You can just go ahead with this post as it can help you.

We have shortlisted the best refrigerator brands so that buying them could be easier. You may read on, pick a fridge as per your needs and budget and start buying.

Best refrigerators that you can go for in 2019

1) LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator

LG is one of the leading home appliances brands in India. It also manufactures amazing LG refrigerators with quality features. The LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator is fit for a couple or small families. Let’s have a look at some of the key features of the LG refrigerator:

  • 190 L capacity – it is a good choice for a couple and small families
  • Comes with smart inverter
  • Helps you save up to 45% energy with the 4 Star rating
  • Direct cool technology – consumes less power
  • Manual defrosting system
  • Base stand with drawer – to help you store items that don’t need cooling such as Potato and Onion and other such items
  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • Moist balance crisper
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Anti-bacterial gasket
  • Solar smart refrigerator
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LG refrigerators are designed with robust technologies and considering the needs of the customers in a targeted market. The LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator works wonder to surprise you with its powerful performance.

The price of the LG fridge in India is around only Rs.16,000.

2) Haier 195 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator

Haier is another leading consumer electronics company in India that also produces quality and affordable refrigerators. The Haier 195 L Direct Cool Single Door 4 Star Refrigerator is one of those products that are made for delivering powerful performance. Here is a quick look some of the features of the Haier refrigerator:

  • 195 L capacity to suit the needs of a couple or a smart family
  • Reciprocatory compressor – a standard compressor with easy maintenance
  • The energy rating of 4 Stars for savings up to 45%
  • Direct cool technology for an economical performance
  • Manual defrosting
  • Makes ice cubes in 1 hour
  • Vitamin-C fresh filter technology keeps vegetables and fruits fresh for 7 days
  • Stabilizer-free operation
  • PUF insulation to retain the cooling for a longer time
  • Cool pad to keep items protected from melting during power cuts
  • Anti-fungal gasket
  • Child lock

This Haier refrigerator is available in India at a price of around Rs.14,000 only.

Buy your new fridge without budget worries on easy EMIs

You are now aware of the best refrigerators and their features from the leading two brands in India. You can now pick one as per your needs and of course the budget.

However, if you don’t want to pay the entire price of Haier refrigerators or an LG fridge and hamper your budget, you can easily do that now.

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The No Cost EMI facility is here to help you divide the cost of your fridge over a tenor. This way, you can pay an affordable EMI amount per month and don’t have to stress your monthly budget.

The No Cost EMI is available across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. If you have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, you can enjoy the No Cost EMI facility.

Steps to buying a new refrigerator at No Cost EMI

  1. You will need to walk into any of the 60,000+ local partner stores in 1300+ cities in India spread across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network
  2. Select your preferred LG refrigerators or Haier refrigerators and swipe the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card
  3. That’s it – your shopping is now complete! You can walk out with your purchase

What if you don’t have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card?

Now, anyone without a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card can still shop on No Cost EMI and fulfill all wishes without budget issues. All that they need to do is follow some steps like:

  1. Walk into a registered partner store across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network
  2. Select your refrigerators and submit your KYC documents along with a canceled cheque at the counter of the store
  3. You may get quick financing in the form of a loan limit to start shopping at easy EMIs

Not just LG refrigerators or Haier fridges, you can shop for more than 1 million other useful products across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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