Dell’Oglio launches its online boutique

Dell’Oglio launches its online boutique

To the long history of the Dell’Oglio brand, which has its roots in the distant 1890s, when Santi Dell’Oglio opened his first luxury goods emporium in Palermo, a new and important milestone has been added: the launch of an online boutique.

Although many years have passed, the distinctiveness of the Dell’Oglio brand, characterized by a blend of British style and Italian craftsmanship elegance, continues to be so, even online. Doboutique is the latest creation of Mario Dell’Oglio, the man who continues to run this family business that is appreciated worldwide.

Doboutique, where past and present come together

It was precisely the desire to seek a link between physical shops and the web that motivated Dell’Oglio to launch this online store. Dell’Oglio’s style has won over fashion enthusiasts from all over the world who, thanks to this unique combination of British elegance and Italian design.

The online boutique was designed to bring the atmosphere of Dell’Oglio’s boutiques in Palermo to the web, in fact, it really seems as if you are in one of Dell’Oglio’s shops, where unique collections are presented, and you feel like stepping back in time.

As a matter of fact, doboutique Dell’Oglio not only sells elegant and sophisticated clothing, shoes, and accessories, but is also a website where you can find inspiration for your own outfits, with a wide range of designs, from elegant garments to decidedly glamorous and original pieces.


It is not only the collections proposed online at Doboutique that are interesting and attractive, but also the menu full of options that allows you to select garments and accessories by category and brand. Definitely original are the outfit selections proposed by designers and influencers, as well as the stories that describe with text and images how to choose combinations inspired by the past, festive seasons or other themes.

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About Mario Dell’Oglio

Mario Dell’Oglio is an entrepreneur, but also a true creative. He not only runs several stores and an online boutique, but also selects collections and creates unique and original assortments.

His modus operandi is decidedly personal and unique: Dell’Oglio is inspired by historical places or natural beauty and can go further with his vivid imagination. Colors, architectural details, and the past are elements that Dell’Oglio mixes and revisits. Thanks to his skills, a sense of style handed down from generation to generation, but above all to his curiosity, the result of this creative process is always a success, appreciated all over the world.

Shopping in a Dell’Oglio store, whether online or physical, is an engaging and memorable experience, thanks also to the ability to create a strong bond with each customer to revive the traditions of the past.

In fact, the past is the common thread of this Italian label. Dell’Oglio brand was born from the genius of Mario’s great-grandfather, who often travelled to England to select and buy horses for the Whitaker family. It was here that Santi Dell’Oglio carefully selected hats, canes, and other accessories from English boutiques to import to Italy in his Palermo.

Curiosity and the ability to combine different styles are certainly among the strengths that have always characterized the Dell’Oglio brand. Today, Doboutique collections are designed for those who want to dress with style and elegance, without renouncing to be trendy, in order to express their personality in the best way.

The launch of the online boutique is certainly an important step for the Dell’Oglio brand, and it is certain that, following this original and creative path, there will be interesting news to keep an eye on.

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