Best places to escape the cold this winter

Best places to escape the cold this winter

With cold weather set to invade from the north in the coming weeks, it isn’t too early to start thinking about where you’ll make your mid-winter escape this year. If you don’t know where you’ll be going yet, we’ve suggested a few choice destinations in today’s article … enjoy!

1) Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Live in North America and looking for tropical vibes and beaches with brilliant white sand? The Mayan Riviera is the perfect place to get away to, as it lies only 2-4 hours by air from most major centres in the United States and Canada.

No matter your preferences, this heavenly strip of coast has a spot that will fit your interests. Young and looking to throw down each night, every night? Cancun is notorious for being the nightlife capital of Mexico, with flashy clubs scattered throughout the hotel zone.

Travelling as a young family? Need a holiday destination that is walkable? Playa del Carmen will be a better choice, as its compact nature, proximity to tourist attractions, and lower emphasis on bars and clubs makes it palatable to both groups.

More into the backpacker scene? Tulum is the best spot on the Mayan Riviera for the budget crowd, as its down to earth accommodations and the presence of major Mayan ruins within easy reach of the town will give them everything they are looking for and more.

While you may be out doing things on most evenings during your holiday here, you may want to retire to your room early on occasion. Fortunately, the web is filled with a plethora of entertainment options, with online gaming being one of the most tantalizing draws.

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If you collect e-coins like bitcoin, you’ll be pleased to know you can deposit these and bet them like fiat currency. Whether your game is blackjack, roulette, or slots, you’ll find every opportunity to double your cryptos.

One more thing: the internet here can be hit or miss, so buy a prepaid mobile SIM to stay connected in case your main connection goes down – good luck!

2) Canary Islands, Spain

When the gloomy clouds and drizzle of winter get you down in Europe, there is one destination within easy reach of the continent that will improve your mood in no time flat: the Canary Islands.

With an average high in January in the low 20s and plenty of sunshine present in these arid isles, the blue moods of winter will soon be a distant memory as you soak up the sunshine in your lounger by the pool.

When you feel motivated enough to do stuff, learn how to kitesurf in Lanzarote, climb the highest peak in Spain on Tenerife, or take the kids to Siam Park for a fun day of aquatic adventures.

3) Koh Samui, Thailand

Have a taste for the exotic? Make Koh Samui in Thailand your escape when winter begins to bite a bit too hard. The beaches, food, and the people on this isle are truly world class, making this place a joy to be from the second you arrive.

When you are ready, sample the local culture by visiting local temples or by watching a Muay Thai kickboxing match.

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