Recovery After Laser Frenectomy

Recovery After Laser Frenectomy

A laser frenectomy is a procedure that helps to correct tongue ties. Frenum is the scientific term for the small tissue folds that form connections with mobile organs (like the tongue). Sometimes people will have a frenum that is either too low or too tight. This is especially common in infants. This condition, otherwise known as “tongue-tie,” can cause infants to have trouble with breastfeeding. Tight frenums also have the potential to cause serious consequences regarding dental health over a period of time. Laser frenectomies are anesthesia-free and nearly painless procedures that correct a tight frenulum.

We’ll discuss the benefits of a frenectomy, how the operation is performed, and how these things affect the healing process.

Benefits of a Laser Frenectomy

Frenectomies used to be accomplished through traditional surgery, but a laser frenectomy has multiple advantages over a traditional surgical method. Rather than using surgical tools, a laser utilizes water and concentrated light to perform the cutting and cauterizing of the frenulum. Most surgeons will use laser frenectomies as opposed to traditional frenectomies because of the lower risk of infection, lack of anesthesia requirements, and overall lower cost.

A laser frenectomy also comes with the following benefits:

  • There is almost no pain during the procedure
  • The entire procedure will only take one to two minutes
  • There is very little and sometimes no bleeding
  • No sutures are required
  • Recovery and healing takes place quickly

All of these things are essential, especially considering that the surgery is most often performed on infants. Infants cannot undergo general anesthesia, and it’s a risky idea to use sutures in an infant’s mouth. Similarly, the quick recovery time helps to minimize stress on the infant body, and the low pain level helps with both mood and minimized stress.

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How the Operation Is Performed

A tight or otherwise non-normal frenum needs to be cut and removed from the mouth. All medical professionals will recommend the removal, because tongue-tie can have devastating consequences, including but not limited to:

  • An inability to speak properly or eat
  • Chronic jaw pain and constant clicking
  • Dental decay, gum inflammation, and other health concerns

If your child isn’t able to latch to your breast during breastfeeding, they might need to have a frenectomy. Inability to latch is serious, as it can lead to colic and unhealthy weight loss. It also makes nursing more painful and overall milk supply lower for the mother.

Your surgeon will use laser technology to perform the frenectomy. The exact brand of laser used will vary from practice to practice. Your surgeon will use the laser to painlessly snip the abnormal frenum. It’s a simple procedure that, as mentioned, should only take one to two minutes.

Most of the pain caused by dental procedures is due to the pressure and heat from the tools. Laser technology doesn’t have any pressure or heat, which means that the majority of potential pain from the operation is minimized. The only pain will come from the “snipping” of the tissue. This is a very small amount of pain.

What to Expect From Recovery

When you consider you or your child’s potential recovery time, you have to keep in mind what a painless and quick procedure it is. Procedures that don’t require general anesthesia can generally be done on an outpatient basis. With the implementation of laser technology, recovery time is much faster than it would be with traditional surgical methods.

Patients who used a laser frenectomy process report less pain and better overall function after their operations. They can go home after the frenectomy occurs, and they generally return to day-to-day life within a few days.

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Your dentist will have specific instructions for aftercare. You should take care to follow these. The aftercare instructions will vary based on you or your child’s overall oral health along with you or your child’s pain level. Recovery might involve stretches of the tongue post-procedure. You might also need to take care of the wound. If your infant is the one undergoing the procedure, you should ask your doctor to show you how to safely execute the aftercare instructions for your child.

When you’re scheduling a laser frenectomy, especially a frenectomy for an infant, you need to be sure to pick the right dentist. This should be a specialist who can offer a high quality of care.

Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist in New York

Dr. Marc Lazare, DDS is a cosmetic dentist in the New York area. His practice includes a team of skilled professionals who understand how to help with the oral health and oral cosmetology of patients. Dr. Lazare is the author of a book about dentistry and has worked with a variety of celebrity clients.

To schedule a consultation regarding you or your child’s potential frenectomy, call the office at 212-861-2599. You can also contact the practice through their website by filling out the form found here.

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