Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss treatments have come a long way, thanks to technology and advancements in the medicine field. Today, individuals with hair loss problem have a wide range of effective and safe treatments to choose from. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is among the major hair transplant techniques that hair loss sufferers can consider when dealing with this condition.

According to Dr. Thomas A. Law, MD, a NYC hair transplant doctor, Follicular Unit Extraction entails harvesting follicular units or tiny groups of hair from the donor’s head for transplant. Unlike with FUT where the doctor harvests tissues from the back of the head, FUE entails extraction of every individual follicle, using a circular punch. The holes that are left on the donor’s head are too tiny such that it is very hard to even see the scars after the extraction.

While FUE surgery is a new development in the hair transplant field, it has quickly risen to become a treatment of choice for most patients across the world. That’s because it comes with numerous benefits of FUE that have made it a preference for many.

No linear scars

In Follicular Unit Extraction, the surgeon picks hair follicles one by one. This ensures that there are no scars left on the areas where hair is harvested. After the procedure, one can hardly notice that hair was extracted from those areas. As a result, this procedure is preferred by people that love to have short hair at the back of their heads.

Quick healing

Another benefit of Follicular Unit Extraction surgery is that it often takes a very short time to heal. Since the technique does not involve the use of sutures or scalpels, patients heal within a few days. Although full recovery can last up to one week, patients can engage in strenuous physical activities even three days after the treatment.

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Less post-treatment discomfort

Considering FUE does not have invasive hair follicle extraction techniques, patients are not likely to experience discomfort after the procedure. While undergoing the treatments, surgeons often administer anaesthesia. This prevents patients from feeling pain throughout the process. In case a patient experience discomfort during or after the treatment, surgeons provide mild pain management analgesics. The areas will also be treated to prevent the risk of infections.

Natural feel and look

Compared to other hair transplant techniques, Follicular Unit Extraction gives the patient a look that is almost similar to natural hair. That’s because hair follicles are placed at angles and directions that enable them to grow in a pattern that is similar to that of natural hairs. Consequently, it’s easier for transplanted hair to assume a natural look and feel. In fact, this method can effectively conceal scars that are created by previous hair transplant surgeries.

Although Follicular Unit Extraction surgery has numerous benefits, you shouldn’t rush to undergo this procedure without consulting a professional hair transplant surgeon. After a proper examination, a hair transplant doctor will tell you whether FUE is the most appropriate treatment for your condition. What’s more, make sure that only a reputable FUE surgeon performs the procedure to achieve excellent results.

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  • Thanks, for the ultra-useful information, is being shared by yours.Here is some more add-on in this regard.Hope you feel. to be relevant for ahead or to the extent.
    Instead of making a linear scar on the back of your head, like FUT, FUE involves making very small, round punches to the back of your head. Each punch consists of a follicular unit (a group of one to four hairs). These punches leave small dot-shaped scars on your head, unlike the long linear scars from FUT that are harder to hide. You’ll be able to easily conceal these FUE scars, even with short haircuts.

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