Top 4 eyelash adhesives

Top 4 eyelash adhesives

Eyelash adhesives are available in many varieties and brands. While your experience as a stylist is surely the deciding factor in the quality of the treatments you provide, even the most skilled stylist wouldn’t be able to create satisfying and long-lasting results without the proper supplies. Eyelash adhesives are one of the most important accessories to use during an eyelash extension treatment, as the quality of the adhesive dictates how well the eyelashes will look and how long will they endure. Here at Noble Lashes, we have prepared a list of top 4 popular eyelash adhesives available on the market. 

Noble Glue by Noble Lashes

Noble Glue is one of the most popular eyelash adhesives available on the market – it enjoys unfaltering appreciation from beauticians. The most important property of Noble Glue is its versatility, as it can be used in a wide variety of atmospheric conditions. The temperature and humidity levels inside of your salon are very important for the glue to work properly, and Noble Glue is one of the most accommodating ones on the market. It also settles in less than one second!

Hypoallergenic Sensitive Glue

Sometimes, you will encounter clients with allergies or very sensitive skin and eyes, for whom a regular eyelash adhesive can turn out to be too strong and cause skin and eye irritation. Hypoallergenic Sensitive Glue has been designed with sensitive clients in mind, allowing them to enjoy perfect eyelashes as well. The glue takes a little longer to settle, between three and five seconds, but produces much less vapour than ordinary glues.

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Volume 3G

Volume methods of eyelash extension application have been gaining more and more popularity lately, as clients open up to more daring stylisations. Volume 3G by Noble Lashes is the perfect solution for such treatments, as its fully liquid form allows it to be applied with easy in the case of fans consisting of more than one eyelash. Quick-settling and strong, Volume 3G will perfectly hold together 2D to 5D eyelashes for up to 10 weeks.

Divine Glue

One of the newest additions to the market is the Divine Glue by Noble Lashes, recommended towards more experienced stylists. The adhesive features an almost fully-liquid and very thin consistency, allowing to be applied with easy to a number of eyelash extension types, working perfectly both in the case of 1:1 extensions and Russian Volume. The glue can easily hold for up to 10 weeks and settles in about a second.

Professional eyelash adhesives at

Noble Lashes is a premium supplier of eyelash extension products, equipping stylists all around Europe with high-quality cosmetic products. Our adhesives have been designed and manufactured with care to provide comfort and safety. We offer a range of different eyelash adhesives, produced with different properties and targeted towards eyelash stylists of all levels of expertise. Whether you are a professional salon owner or a beginner stylist, you will find something to suit you at Noble Lashes. Visit our shop today at for quality products at affordable prices!

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