Forklifts for Hire Tyres and Their Maintenance

Forklifts for Hire Tyres and Their Maintenance

Hire forklifts are a great way to enjoy flexibility on your job site. However, there are various types of forklift tyres that you need to understand before you enter into a forklift rental agreement. Each type of tyre has a different compound, ply rating, and tread to ensure the tyre will best suit the specific application. So, we are going to share our insight on tyres and maintenance in more detail, so you can make an informed decision.

Choosing the Best Tyre

Generally, there are two ways that tyres are fitted on a hire forklift; pneumatic or solid. Solid tyres are easier to fit, but they are less durable on difficult terrain. Pneumatic tyres fit in the same way as car tyres and have a better ability to adapt to terrain.

The tyre size is determined by the load required on each wheel. Generally, you should pick tyres that can carry the rated maximum capacity of the forklift.

You will also need to consider what conditions the forklift will be used in. If you need a forklift to work on rough terrain, you will need a suitable pneumatic tyre. Solid rubber or puncture proof tyres are most commonly fitted for flat level surfaces.

The Different Types of Tyres

As we’ve touched on above, there are a number of different tyre options for forklifts for hire. These include:

Cushion Tyres: These are the tyre which are puncture proof, but have pockets built into the tyre for cushioning. Cushion tyres can only be used on smooth pavements or indoor applications.This makes them an ideal choice if you have a warehouse with concrete flooring and light terrain applications.

Solid/Puncture Proof Tyres: This is the most common tyre on forklift rental machines. These tyres are made of solid rubber and pressed on to the rim. This means that while they do not have a cushioning effect, they will not puncture or go flat. Solid tyres are great for indoor or light outdoor use, but they are not suitable for uneven or rough outdoor surfaces.

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Pneumatic Tyres: These are similar to truck tyres. The tyre has a deep, thick tread in strong wear resistant rubber and is filled with air. These tyres can actually extend the running life of the forklift due to the cushioning effect between the ground and the forklift. These tyres can be used on rough, uneven surfaces.

Non Marking Tyres: These are solid tyres, but they are specifically designed to avoid creating black marks on flooring. This type of tyre is a requirement in any sensitive floor applications including grocery and food processing factories. The main disadvantage of this type of tyre is that the carbon black is removed, which shortens the tyre lifespan.

Foam Fill: As the name suggests, these tyres are filled with a special type of resin that provides constant pressure to prevent punctures. Foam fill tyres are designed to be like an air tyre to provide suitable traction however do not provide and cushioning effect. If you are an ocean lover and crazy about surfing and then you should read this blog to now the essential surfing tips.

Load and Inflation Pressures

To ensure that your rental forklift operates safely, you need to ensure that the air pressure in the tyres remains at the correct level. As stipulated by the manufacturer and just like your car, you should check the tyre air pressure regularly.

Proper Driving Practices

To get the best use out of your rental forklift and the tyres, you need to develop good driving habits. You should avoid sudden starting, rapid braking or quick spinning as this can compromise the lifespan of the tyres and can be dangerous to the operator and anyone working in the area. You can also cause premature wear on the tyre with locking one wheel for sharp turning or high speed cornering. These bad driving habits should be avoided to significantly improve the lifespan of the tyres.

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Tyre Lifespan

Generally, solid tyres will outlast pneumatic tyres, but this depends on the usage. You may expect to go through as many as three sets of pneumatic tyres in the same lifespan of one set of solid tyres. However, the main factor for tyre lifespan is the use. If you try to use inappropriate tyres for your work site, you will not only compromise the safety of your site, but also reduce the tyre lifespan. This is why it is crucial to choose the right tyre for your specific project.

There is a vast choice of forklift tyres on the market to accommodate the requirements of hire forklifts. Whether you need a polyurethane tyre for inside your warehouse or a pneumatic tyre for your rough, outdoor terrain, it is crucial to choose the right one. Fortunately, your plant equipment hire company will be able to guide you through the choice of tyres to find the one best suited to your requirements.

If you are in need of forklifts for hire, be sure to speak to us. The Access Hire team can guide you through the choice of forklift rental models and answer any queries about forklifts, tyres, and maintenance.


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