What is The New Rolex Cellini Collection?

What is The New Rolex Cellini Collection?

You might have heard of the name Rolex. But have you ever come across the Cellini collection? The youngsters may not be familiar with the dress watches collection by Rolex, and the Rolex Connoisseur is even more underrated. Everyone who is up on fashion trends and with a tendency to lean towards wearing a three piece suit is aware of the Oyster collection by the Rolex which overshadowed the Cellini collection and mostly downgraded at the end of their brochures. But in the year 2014, Rolex presented the entirely new collection of three watches having discrete features, that is, one with three hands, the second with the three hands and date and the third with a dual time system. It brought the Rolex Cellini collection to the spotlight.

Cellini: The True Dress Watch from Rolex

The only Rolex which is not an Oyster is the Cellini, this is known as the classic watch by Rolex.

We majorly describe a dress watch as a round case in gold, with a clean dial having a classic hour maker and of course a leather strap, these are standard specifications of the watch that you would surely wear with a black tie ensemble, mainly at formal parties. It is what aspired by every gentleman, the look which would never go out of style. A dress watch is a collection found with all watch manufacturers.

But when we think of Rolex, we usually consider the Oyster case with a jubilee strap or a watch which is a Datejust or a Cosmograph Daytona. You might never find the watch which fit the above description. But in fact, even Rolex has a collection of elegant dress watch- the rolex cellini watches. The collection was mainly known for the Prince models, which was a rectangular watch making the design of the watch different from other Rolex collections.

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What is The New Rolex Cellini Collection?

New Rolex Cellini Collection

Rolex in 2014 at Baselworld presented an entirely new collection which is composed of three timepieces, namely ‘time,’ ‘date’ and ‘dual time.’ The new collection is modern yet very classic. The collection is available in white or pink/everose gold with a choice of black or white dial. The collection is even based on the single case design, which has a measure of 39mm in diameter. The twin bezel links with the other dress watch from the oyster collection. The main difference being the fluted bezel being thinner and nearly vertical.

The three versions of the Rolex Cellini collection are:

  • Time: This is a simple three hand watch.
  • Date: This has a sleek addition to the time and has the feature of a subdial displays the date at 3 o’clock.
  • Dual Time: This features a second-time-zone in the subdial itself which is at 6 o’clock, and it even includes an additional day/ night indicator.

What is The New Rolex Cellini Collection?

The only difference between the three can be found in the dials. While the time has a simple lacquered dial, the date and the dual have a guilloche dial.  Thus, with the introduction of the new Cellini, Rolex presents an alternative to the Datejust and Day-Date, more vibrantly and elegantly concerning codes of the brand.

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